Who Cares About Improvement When You Still Feel Like S#*%

Feeling better is the reason you would go through therapy or any health treatment, RIGHT?

Who doesn’t want to show improvement?

Maybe you can relate…

You are deep into therapy or treatment, and each visit comes with its own set of questions.

  • How are your symptoms?
  • Are you feeling better?
  • Where are you on a scale from 1-10?

I GET IT… successes AND failures must be measured.

  • Where are you at now?
  • Are you at a 6?
  • Are you able to recognize what helps reduce your symptoms?

MOST PEOPLE might think twice about spending a decent chunk of their day performing exercises that would cause them to feel worse in hopes they get somewhat better.

It’s crazy. Right? WRONG!

A lesson smacked me upside the head today!

7 years ago when the vertigo and disequilibrium set in, I could not even walk around the block. I felt so nasty I hardly ventured out of the house.

Check out this photo! I am not sure what inspired babe to take this photo of me (SO glad he did. I have something to show ya!)

Marissa in the early days of the vestibular madness  laying on couch rockin sea bands

I am rocking two sea bands and riding out the nausea and room spin.

*Sea-Bands are a bracelet that is supposed to help with nausea and motion sickness.

(I was desperate! I would have tried ANYTHING at that moment in time. I am still open to trying MOST things.)

After the walk today, I glanced down at the pedometer, and it read… 2.147 miles!

Pedometer reading 2 miles


It took me 7 YEARS to go from barely making it around the block to being able to walk 2 miles!

I can confidently say I am walking 2 more miles than many able bodied persons.

Do I feel like hell after my walk? YES

Do I struggle throughout the walk? ABSOLUTELY

Has the dizziness, disequilibrium and vertigo changed much in the last 7 years? NO

So why even try? BECAUSE… Small improvements + action= PURPOSE

I will no longer poo-poo or shy away from recognizing and acknowledging small victories (YES… improvement)!

Much love,


  1. Your picture reminds me of me. I recognize that expression. I have spent so much time on my couch surrounded by the love of God and my dogs! I too wore wristbands in hope of feeling better at all. There are no therapies other than taking steroids that help my vertigo due to it stemming from my brain. We appreciate ANY improvements and even the slightest better day. I truly believe we are blessed because of this. A good moment can bring us pure joy.

  2. Hi Marissa!
    I *love* the title of this blog entry! How many times have I thought the same thing (except with maybe a few more profanities ;). Because of my balance issues I was still using a walker to get around at the end of July and now (with the help of some awesome trekking poles), I can go to the local state park and walk 1-2 miles. :) You are absolutely right – we must always acknowledge our victories.

    p.s. I do still rock the Sea-Bands. They’ve become my favorite new fashion accessory. :)

    • Emily… I was so blessed that I stumbled upon trekking poles! They have opened up my world. I am actually using one of them full-time ( per VRT therapist recommendation) when I attempt to venture out.

      I am SO proud of you for walking that local state park! Whoop. Go girl. That is a huge victory and I am glad you acknowledge that we should claim it.

      p.s. I am torn on the Sea-Bands. I have been lucky to not have nausea as frequently, but it does kick in. I think in one of my fits of rage and frustration with this condition I threw my original pair away. Oops. I am in a much better place today:)

      p.s.s. Thanks for posting your blog on the VEDA facebook page. I am SO glad I found it. I would have loved to find your blog 7 years ago! You are going to help a ton of people. Keep writing and keep pushing.

      Much love,

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