What Would Gary Vaynerchuk Do? (Update)

How does a guy like Gary Vaynerchuk get a dizzy gal to watch wine library tv?  I can’t drink because of the dizziness;  I already feel tipsy on a daily basis.  Also, I have drank less than a glass of wine in my lifetime pre-dizziness. Yet, I found myself chugging down episodes of wine library tv.

Here are a list of my favorite episodes:

Wine for a Cause-Fighting Breast Cancer with Cleavage Creek Winery-Episode #861.

Budge Brown, founder of Cleavage Creek unfortunately passed away. Please continue to support his legacy and vision of eliminating breast cancer. You may purchase Cleavage Creek Wines via the website.

Lopez de Heredia Tasting with Maria Jose Lopez Part 1- Episode#947

Tasting C.G. Di Arie Wines-Episode #863

Vance Sharp if Sharp Cellars and the Sonoma Sausage Company- Episode #721

Gary’s energy and passion for life is infectious. If dizziness places me in a terrible funk I head over to wine library tv’s past episodes for a pick me up.

I found wine library TV after stumbling across Michael Locke’s  review of  Gary’s book  “Crush It”. I had to find out who this Gary Vaynerchuk was. ( Michael seems like a very generous guy and you should check out his YouTube channel.)

I have tried to imagine what a guy like Gary Vaynerchuk would do if placed in my predicament? What would Gary do if he was forced to have to support himself but was chronically dizzy? If I ever got an opportunity to speak with Gary I would give him the follow scenario:

How would you reinvent, support, and give back living with these restrictions:

1. Unable to drive/travel
2. $25 – $50.00 a month to invest in learning new skills
3. Have to work from home

Is there a way to contribute as well as support myself under these conditions?  I don’t  lack passion or spirit.  I  have to work smarter based on limits and learn how to support myself under constraints. Cheers to hoping I can CRUSH IT!

Much love,

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