We Fight

We fight to be cared for.
We fight for independence.
We fight for grades.
We fight for love.
We fight ourselves.
We fight each other.
We fight to be understood.
We fight for acceptance.
We fight for what’s right.
We fight to fight.
We fight for employment.
We fight when we’re unemployed.
We fight to keep our homes.
We fight to save our marriages.
We fight to save our relationships.
We fight for quality of life.
We fight systems.
We fight for equality.
We fight to be heard.
We fight for respect.

We are good at the fight, but when do we learn to surrender?


  1. Never surrender. Never give up. I don’t deal with what you deal with, but I have dealt with other heart wrenching issues that completely drain me. When I feel like I can’t do anymore, I take a break for a few days to refresh, but I don’t give up.

    Remember you aren’t alone. And if no one will give you a break, make your own.

    • Hello Greg,

      Great response! When I wrote this post I didn’t see the word surrender as a negative. I recognize there is so much focus on the fighting spirit that we may be missing opportunities to surrender, letting in valuable lessons and blessings. Fight doesn’t always mean feast and surrender doesn’t always mean famine.

      Much love,

  2. Your words are so true Marissa!! Really spoke to me especially after having my benefit was stopped so am now have a fight myself!

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