Video Blog: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Day 1 and beyond

ATTENTION: If you suffer from a vestibular disorder or are sensitive to motion and movement, please note that this video is at times shaky. ( I am working on a solution)

I will be documenting my journey through Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This video details day one. I end up running into the insurance machine but this time I prevail.

The focus of this visit was initial evaluation. The purpose of the visit was to provide history and set realistic expectations.

The goggles are part of the device called Videonystagmoscopy

“Videonystagmoscopy has been used to subjectively observe the responses of the vestibular system in a population of patients with vestibular deficits. The videonystagmoscopy device is made of one or two CCD cameras mounted on lightproof goggles, allowing a subjective observation of ocular movements on a video monitor. The eye movements, as well as the position of the head in space, can be recorded on videotape.”

As we reveal my defects we will gather a realistic expectation of what can be achieved through vestibular rehabilitation.

Much love,


  1. I am so glad you are getting the referral! I was worried for a sec there! Thanks for the shout out! I hope you know I was there in spirit :) Love ya girl!

    • I felt ya girl! Sorry to worry you:) I felt my heart sink a bit. Glad everything pulled though. Thanks so much for your support.

      Much love,

  2. Hey Girl,

    Great vid!! Really interesting to see a part of vestibular therapy in progress! Glad that you got the go ahead for the referral. Hoping it works for you!!


    Rhiann x

  3. Thank you Marissa for sharing your VRT journey with others!

    For those of you looking for a vestibular specialist, you can go to the Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) website’s provider directory at

    Best wishes,
    Kerrie Denner
    Outreach, VEDA

    • Thank you so much Kerrie for your support! VEDA has educated me every step of the way in this process. Thank you for being an advocate. Love you guys.

      Much love,

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