The Lessons: Control And Beyond

Here are just SOME of the lessons that 12-12-12 project member Pam shared with us during her INSPIRATIONAL podcast interview.

Lesson #1
“We are not in control. Living with a movement issue, I spent the majority of my life trying to control anything because I couldn’t control the main things, and it’s a waste of time”

Lesson #2
“We have to accept ourselves with all of our imperfections.”

Lesson #3
“You have to not assume that other people are thinking anything about you. I used to walk down the street and not want to look at anyone else because I was convinced they were looking at me and how I walked.”

I HIGHLY suggest you listen to Pam break down these lessons in our recent podcast. If you want to jump directly into the lessons they start at 50:16.


Much love,

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