The Lesson: Options

October and November have merged leading to a singular, yet powerful lesson. Andi Durkin, mother raising a toddler with Down syndrome was not comfortable with a dominant perspective on how to raise her son.

She opened herself up to different suggestions and approaches and is sharing what is working for her son on her blog: Down Syndrome: A day to day guide.

During the interview Andi stressed the importance of getting your doctors opinion, however, she also reminded us…

“Explore all your options.”

It is a powerful lesson that often get’s overlooked. There is NOTHING WRONG with seeking additional opinions. One man or one woman, regardless of certification, does not have all of the answers.


Much love,


  1. I love this post, Marissa. Just last Friday I let my current specialist know that I wanted a second opinion. Why? Because I wanted to make sure I explored all my options before getting his recommended Gentamicin Injections. (And I will admit that my paranoia kicked in when his nurse called on Monday to cancel our next appointment due to a surgery conflict.) Doctors are in such a position of authority that it can be uncomfortable to question them. I just keep telling myself that it’s my body, so I can keep questioning & seeking more opinions all I want!

    • Emily,

      Gentamicin Injections! I unquestionably say it’s your right to request a second and THIRD opinion. Your body is the ultimate personal property. These specialist’s get to go home at the end of their day and go about their lives. You are left dealing with the aftermath. Breathe and take your time!

      Much love,

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