The Daunting Disability Process

It’s a daunting process to apply for disability.  The burden is placed on the individual to prove they are disabled.  You must gather medical documentation and be reviewed by assigned medical doctors. In my particular case I was reviewed by three independent doctors.  Once your health and mental status have been combed over they hand down the decision.  I believe the baffling nature of my condition and the overwhelming amount of medical records didn’t leave much room for debate. It was a very scary time for me and I dread the medical reviews I have to face.

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Here are some tips that helped me get through the process:

1. Be organized: I can not stress the importance of organization. You are going to be dealing with a mountain of paperwork. You do not want to delay the process or forget to include important documentation because your paperwork is in disarray.

2. Request your medical records: I found it helpful to have my medical records in my possession. I have seen several specialist and my medical records were spread throughout various hospitals and departments within hospitals. Also I was able to go through my records and recall events I had forgotten or appointments where I was too sick to recall details.

3. Ask for help:  The process can be daunting. I had to take it in stages. Don’t hesitate to ask a family member or friend to assist you. At times we often feel embarrassed or prideful and refuse to ask for help.  I have learned through this process to let go and let others assist me.

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