Team Amy

Part of the letter I sent out:

The day after getting this bracelet please wear it for the duration of the day. Throughout your normal daily activities you may be reminded that you are wearing an awareness bracelet. When you think of the bracelet think of Amy and the approximately 2.5 million people across the world that are living with a condition that is attacking their body. MS is a condition, which affects quality of life and often hinders the ability to participate.  Please take a photo of you rocking your awareness bracelet. It can be you in an action shot.  You have free reign. Just know that your photo will be added online to the blog. This show of support and solidarity for Amy and others living with MS is a way for us to contribute and bring awareness to this illness. Thank you again for participating!

Individuals wearing MS awareness bracelet in support of Amy and MS awarness

(Heather, Michelle, Kim, Julie, Ava, Veronica,Blake)

Thank you to those that answered the call and rocked an MS awareness bracelet. You are appreciated!

Much love,

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