Opening The Thankfulness Floodgates

"Thank You Computer Key" by Stuart Miles


Thankful to have a desire to share thanks once again! I was clouded by a negative health catastrophe that started a few years ago leaving me feeling far from thankful!

That has changed.

The cloud has lifted enough for me to see the blessings.

This year my family skipped over our traditional Thanksgiving day shout outs. We normally go around the table sharing what we are thankful for.

As difficult as it is for me to admit, for a few years there I HATED this tradition. I would smile and oblige, but deep down I was too bitter inside to feel genuinely thankful.

The last two years I have felt my heart soften. I was ready to express everything I was thankful for with pleasure.

However, this year we got caught up in movie title charades. I didn’t get a change to let thankfulness spill over.

(Your girl was asked to act out scenes from Platoon and Gremlins. WHAT? Sorry team for not earning you any points!)

Each person that has entered into my life over these last few years has been instrumental in opening up the floodgates of thanks!

It is with a full AND thankful heart that I drop a few shouts outs………….

Babe! You are the truth. You didn’t need to recite the vow “in sickness and in health” in order to honor it daily.

My entire family! Love and blessings.

Thanks Noreen for your unwavering friendship. You are one of the ONLY friends pre-vestibular that get’s me!

Thanks to Blake Watson for being a patient teacher.

The 12-12-12 project members that all have been instrumental in my growth.

Theresa for inviting me to her dizzy group, Dizzy World Cafe.

Every member of the Dizzy World Cafe .

My VRT therapist.

My entire medical dream team.

VEDA for asking me to share my story. (Kerrie, you are THE BEST!)

Disability Horizons for allowing Blake and I to collaborate on an article.

Rhiann for her sweet spirit.

Jeanne for trying to school me on bioidenticals.

Tom Hogle for caring about what I have to say.

Jeffrey Zeldman for reminding me that I still have a voice.

Kim  for allowing me to be part of her journey.

Sarah G. for allowing me to express my vulnerable moments.

Curly Jane for being a ray of sunshine!

Veronica for teaching me thoughtfulness.

EVERY person that has sent me a coding book or video.

EVERY person that has emailed me and has been open to sharing their story with me.

EVERY person that has been kind or gracious toward me.

EVERY person that has not been kind or gracious toward me. ( Yes, they have been an important part of opening my thankful floodgates.)

Much love,

P.S. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel closed off and not blessed. EVERY person, AND experience, good or bad, is going to chip away at the wall you have put up. Your thankfulness floodgates will open once again!