Time For A Little Spoken Word- Dystonia

I have ALWAYS wanted to participate in a spoken word performance. If I were to have the opportunity, I would LOVE to perform this piece and spread Dystonia awareness!


Disorder causes muscles to contract

Involuntary spasms leaving no time to react

Living with a disorder that is so unpredictable

Everyone please appreciate the parts of your life that are predictable

Cervical Dystonia turning your head to the side,

Creating back and forth motions, a symptom you can’t hide

Oromadiubular Dystonia, causing facial, jaw, and tongue pandamonia

Fingers and toes curling up, silencing a pianist from the crescendo building up

Blinking uncontrollably, eyelids getting no rest,

You can blame that on the Blepharospasm expressed

Generalized Dystonia is my friend Pam’s fate,

Cramping and twisting of her body causing unsteady gait

Affecting 500,000 people living in the United States,

A disorder that doesn’t discriminate it dictates

Awareness is an important mission, it offers the possibility of complete remission

Much love,

References: Dystonia Medical Research Foundation

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