My Boy Blake

Hey guys. I would like to pay it forward!  In yesterday’s Pay It Forward Blog Post,  I mentioned my friend Blake Watson. I need a little help from you guys. If you guys could please vote for my friend Blake. I want him to win the Kindle with Sitepont ( tech books). He has spinal muscular atrophy and he can’t physically hold a book to well. He was sweet to mail me all of his web design books he cant use. We are hoping that a Kindle will allow him flexibility to access eBooks, which he prefers.  I really want to win this for him! You can vote by clicking the like button below the title “My Boy Blake…” Votes are counted by likes under the photo image.
Photo contest entry image showing how to vote
When you click the like button under the image you are prompted to allow the Fanzila app permission to access your account. After you allow permission you have to go back and hit the like button again. Please go back and make sure your vote was counted!:)

*Note from PHP Masters “There are some awesome entries coming in for our photo competition. Love it!! A couple of people have mentioned having trouble voting. Make sure you allow the Fanzila app permission to access your account and you’ll have no problems. Good luck to all! ^hawk ”

Thank you for your support!

Much love,