Start Writing Your Own Prescriptions (RX)

Daily RX pad

Photo by: voraorn

Just admit it…

Your sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”.

One cry away from being “all cried out”.

Taking pills for “this” or “that”…Distressed by the number of pills you’re forced to take, or resentful because there’s not a pill to treat your condition.

What if you possessed control over the prescriptions you’re being administered?

I get it… the physicians in control… in possession of a magical prescription (RX) notepad that grants access to a rainbow of drugs that can treat MANY symptoms you’re battling.

While this is true… maybe it’s best we’re not granted full access to this magical prescription pad. We might soon find ourselves with another problem – ADDICTION!

Alright, let’s agree to leave legal-drug-pushing to the professionals, but…

Have you considered writing out your own “Daily RX”?

Call me crazy, but I’m going to bet on someone… YOU!

I’m going to bet that YOU can safely write yourself out a daily RX that strengthens your inner-spirit.


I’m not going to get woo-woo or preachy on you, however, I’m going to challenge you to develop a plan to combat the dark emotions that accompany chronic illness…

A plan that helps you withstand: Anger… fear… stress… worry…

A daily RX, you prescribe, focused on enhancing your quality of life.

Unless your physician is Patch Adams, you won’t be prescribed the following RX list:

  •  Watch a funny YouTube clip.
  • Make your bed.
  • Take a shower and brush your teeth .
  • Open your windows to let in some fresh air
  • Pray
  • Meditate
  • Write for 15 minutes on any topic of your choosing
  • Send an email off to someone you admire
  • Read something uplifting for 15 minutes


Seems silly, right?

Who’s sillier?:

Person A: Chooses not to wear a life jacket while kayaking.

Person B: Chooses to be properly fitted for a life jacket that may save his/her life in case the kayak capsizes.

Uplifting, daily RX lists, are your properly fitted life jacket! An important part of your safety equipment that keeps you from drowning into the emotional, dark, murky waters of chronic illness.

I’m hopeful with regular use, you may start to see the positive side effects!

Dont sabotage, just start!

My list often contains 3-4 daily prescriptions. (If you’re hesitant, start experimenting with just one daily RX!) There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to do this.

Daily RX list written of whiteboard

I use a whiteboard, but i’m considering purchasing my own RX pad!

Are you open to sharing what you’ll consider adding to your daily RX? If so, comment below.

Much love,

PS: If you suffer from anger… fear… stress… worry… etc. on a daily basis, please consult with your physician! Hugs, and know your’re not alone! There’s help out there.


Raise Your Hand If You Have More Than 3 Exercise DVD’s On The Shelf Collecting Dust


Remember the Winsor Pilates informercial that seemed to run on loop in 2004ish?

You HAD TO HAVE those tapes because your best-friend’s sister-in-law bought the tapes after she had her 3rd baby and looked Dy-no-mite (What? This scenario could have EASILY happened).

Here is a photo of the DVD if you need a refresher. 

This image is property of Amazon and I am using it for educational and awareness  purposes

I NOW SEE the importance of DUSTING OFF those exercise DVD’s and seeing what modifications can be made to fit your current fitness level and health state.

Arthritis education has  impressed upon me the importance of maintaining a fitness routine.

Reducing pain and increasing strength and flexibility according to “Arthritis Foundation,” HAS BEEN PROVEN to relieve arthritis pain and improve joint function.

The evidence is overwhelming: A body needs physical activity to stay healthy.

Walking, Tai Chi, Exercise and Aquatics are program suggestions that CAN HELP restore flexibility, stability and reduce pain.

If you are living with arthritis and want to attend group classes lead by Arthritis foundation instructors CLICK IN THE IMAGE BELOW.

Arthritis Foundation Life Improvement Series Programs Poster


HOW COOL IS IT that the certified instructors can modify the exercise program for you!

If you DON’T HAVE ARTHRITIS, should I repeat the evidence quote for ya?….

The evidence is overwhelming: A body needs physical activity to stay healthy.

It may be time to dig through all those DVD exercise tapes, and get your move on!

Much love,

P.S. Before you jump into a NEW or OLD exercise program, talk it over with your doctor first.


Who Cares About Improvement When You Still Feel Like S#*%

Feeling better is the reason you would go through therapy or any health treatment, RIGHT?

Who doesn’t want to show improvement?

Maybe you can relate…

You are deep into therapy or treatment, and each visit comes with its own set of questions.

  • How are your symptoms?
  • Are you feeling better?
  • Where are you on a scale from 1-10?

I GET IT… successes AND failures must be measured.

  • Where are you at now?
  • Are you at a 6?
  • Are you able to recognize what helps reduce your symptoms?

MOST PEOPLE might think twice about spending a decent chunk of their day performing exercises that would cause them to feel worse in hopes they get somewhat better.

It’s crazy. Right? WRONG!

A lesson smacked me upside the head today!

7 years ago when the vertigo and disequilibrium set in, I could not even walk around the block. I felt so nasty I hardly ventured out of the house.

Check out this photo! I am not sure what inspired babe to take this photo of me (SO glad he did. I have something to show ya!)

Marissa in the early days of the vestibular madness  laying on couch rockin sea bands

I am rocking two sea bands and riding out the nausea and room spin.

*Sea-Bands are a bracelet that is supposed to help with nausea and motion sickness.

(I was desperate! I would have tried ANYTHING at that moment in time. I am still open to trying MOST things.)

After the walk today, I glanced down at the pedometer, and it read… 2.147 miles!

Pedometer reading 2 miles


It took me 7 YEARS to go from barely making it around the block to being able to walk 2 miles!

I can confidently say I am walking 2 more miles than many able bodied persons.

Do I feel like hell after my walk? YES

Do I struggle throughout the walk? ABSOLUTELY

Has the dizziness, disequilibrium and vertigo changed much in the last 7 years? NO

So why even try? BECAUSE… Small improvements + action= PURPOSE

I will no longer poo-poo or shy away from recognizing and acknowledging small victories (YES… improvement)!

Much love,

I STILL Got IT! On My Walk Today I Was Actually Hit On

Let me break down the scenario:

I was about 1/2 way through my walk…

I smiled and waved at a gentleman that is part of my walking path landscape. He yelled for me to come over. I happily walked across the street.

He greeted me with a smile..”You want to stop for a beer, soda or maybe a water?”

I started beaming. I responded graciously with… “Oh no thank you, I gotta get this walk in.”

He says… “What’s your name?” I proudly respond, “Marissa”.

He leans in…”What was that?”  He is now holding my hand tightly!

“MARISSA” I respond with conviction.

He loudly proclaims…”You are welcome to come over ANYTIME! Drop on by and we will share a beer or soda.”

My response was giddy…”Thank you so much for the offer. I will be sure to bring my fiance on by. You will really love him!”


“No… I don’t want to meet him, I just want to see you again.” I smiled and said… “I better be on my way.”  (He is still holding my hand at this point)

He leans in closer.. “Tell me your name one more time?” … I slightly chuckle and say…

“Marissa”. He smiles and let’s my hand go. “Ok Marissa, see you around! The invitation is ALWAYS open!”

I admit I walked away with a little pep in my step!

I am PUMPED. I still GOT IT regardless of my walking stick and taped up glasses! WHOOP WHOOP.

Much love,

P.S. (SHHHHhhhhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone that he was about 85 years young! )

Help Me Find a Pair of Water Shoes!

Babe and I were in the backyard taking in the sun. The pool looked exceptionally beautiful. It was hot outside, and the pool was glistening. I should be able to, dive in, and swim, right? Not so fast. I always seem to find myself perched at the edge of the shallow end of the pool feet submerged in the water. I swear there is a magnetic force in that pool water always tugging at me. Why do we want for things we can’t have?

I have been in the pool post vestibular disorder, but there is always a fear. The doctors warned me, never put my head underwater because I could drown. I understand that once I submerge my head underwater visual cues would be removed, and my visual orientation would be impaired. Also, the motion of the water brings unpleasant nausea and has triggered a vertigo spell or two.

Stairway To Swimming Pool


Heck. Today I wanted to get into the pool. I even checked in with Siri to confirm the temperature outside. I was stalling. Gotta love smart phones! I finally stumbled across a post that stated 80 degrees outside is considered prime swim weather. As fate would have it, Siri had already alerted it was 81 degrees. I proclaimed my desire to get into the water, and Babe didn’t discourage me.

Next thing you know I was in the water. Pants, shirt, bra and undies. I didn’t care; I was in! It was freezing and I considered jumping out. Glad I didn’t give up. I was forced to stay in the shallow end! My movement began to stir the water into a forceful motion, and I started to feel yucky. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. I elected to hold onto the edge of the pool and look away from the water. Did I tell you, I have not physically ran in 7 years? Running can be a trigger that  provokes dizziness and vertigo. I then started running in place. Before I could wrap my head around what was happening, I yelled out, ” I am running!”. I turned to look at babe, and I was greeted with a huge smile. I then asked babe to set the stopwatch and time me. “Set it for 10 minutes!” Once again he didn’t discourage me. He set the timer and I started running in place holding onto that edge. I pulled my hands away from the edge, and the buoyancy of the water held me in place. I screamed again, “I am running”! It was quickly realized I wasn’t going to make the 10 desired minutes. Babe yelled out, “How about we shoot for 2 minutes?” My reply, “What about 3?”. I made it to 2 minutes, and I fizzled out. But who the heck cares. I ran! I ran for the first time in 7 years. It may not have been in the traditional form, but it was my way, on my own terms!

Babe asked me to hold onto the shallow edge while he went to retrieve a towel. I had an opportunity to be alone to think about what I had just accomplished. I began to feel motion sickness as the water shifted me about. Babe hustled back and helped me out of the pool. The weight of the wet clothes felt tremendous. That weight represented the heavy burden this disorder has placed on my life. Babe started to wrap the towel around me, and I hugged him close and began to cry. He held me tight and said, “I am so proud of you.” I am proud of us. We have been in this battle together for 7 years, and we may not win every battle, but we will win the war!

Much love,

Video Blog: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Day 1 and beyond

ATTENTION: If you suffer from a vestibular disorder or are sensitive to motion and movement, please note that this video is at times shaky. ( I am working on a solution)

I will be documenting my journey through Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This video details day one. I end up running into the insurance machine but this time I prevail.

The focus of this visit was initial evaluation. The purpose of the visit was to provide history and set realistic expectations.

The goggles are part of the device called Videonystagmoscopy

“Videonystagmoscopy has been used to subjectively observe the responses of the vestibular system in a population of patients with vestibular deficits. The videonystagmoscopy device is made of one or two CCD cameras mounted on lightproof goggles, allowing a subjective observation of ocular movements on a video monitor. The eye movements, as well as the position of the head in space, can be recorded on videotape.”

As we reveal my defects we will gather a realistic expectation of what can be achieved through vestibular rehabilitation.

Much love,

12-12-12 Project March Photo Collage

This collage of photos was taken at my Chiro appointment. I am rocking a National MS Society shirt and awareness bracelet. Be sure to check out the National MS Society website to learn about getting involved.



I am going to feel a great amount of comfort rocking this shirt again later on in the week. I start vestibular (balance) therapy and knowing that there are others fighting and supporting chronic illness makes this journey feel more manageable.

February 12-12-12- Project Photo/Video Collage #2


This collage of photos was taken at my Neuro-Optometric rehab appointment. I was rocking my Hope Whispers/Budd-Chiari Syndrome support t-shirt. You can support      12-12-12 project member Kim and purchase a support t-shirt from her Zazzle Store. The proceeds will go to Kim’s transplant fund!

Collage of photo's of Marisa at her Neuro-Optometric rehab appointment

I have included a video where I’m working on one my visual rehabilitation activities. We are working with lenses/prisms to attempt to improve some of my visual balance disturbances.

*WARNING* The video is shaky. May cause visual disturbances.  I am working on getting a better video/camera. :)


Much love,

2 Pieces Of Tape = Better Quality Of Life?

Marissa with tape on glasses

Ok, so I am walking around this holiday season with two pieces of tape on the inner part of my glasses. This is called Binasal Occlusion. My neuro eye doctor believes this will open up my visual field. The vestibular disorder has caused me to see the world in tunnel vision. I often look down when walking. With the prisms, I am walking more upright. With the addition of tape to the glasses, I am not bumping into as many things around the house as usual. It’s looking like I will have to wear the tape a few more months. Can two pieces of clear tape equal a better quality of life? Time will tell!

So, if you see a guy or gal on the street walking around with two clear pieces of tape on their glasses, pass a compliment or smile! I know I could sure use a little reassurance when out and about. I have been a bit self conscious these past few days, hoping the insecurity will pass.

Much love,