Arthritis Is Not Just Your Grandpa’s Problem

Arthur is visiting again!”  My mom’s mom (MISS YOU Grandma!) used to coddle her hands and chant this phrase when her arthritis would flare up.

My Grandfather (MISS YOU Grandpa!) in the middle of his arthritis attacks would plead with me… “Mija, don’t get old!

I assumed arthritis was older persons disease…a right of passage into the golden years!

I WAS WRONG! Someone very close in my circle (I don’t want to violate HIPAA so that person will remain nameless) confessed they were battling arthritis.  GUESS WHAT… They were in their MID 20’s at the time.

Arthritis in your twenties? That seemed odd to me at the time.

So here we are, July 2012, and we are covering arthritis.  Guess what?… FEATURED MEMBER  Peachy was diagnosed with a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis AT THE AGE OF 16!

This is going to be an interesting month!

BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT … peep this awesome awareness shirt and bracelet that came in yesterday! Whoop Whoop.

arthritis awareness t-shirt and bracelet

Much love,