Raise Your Hand If You Have More Than 3 Exercise DVD’s On The Shelf Collecting Dust


Remember the Winsor Pilates informercial that seemed to run on loop in 2004ish?

You HAD TO HAVE those tapes because your best-friend’s sister-in-law bought the tapes after she had her 3rd baby and looked Dy-no-mite (What? This scenario could have EASILY happened).

Here is a photo of the DVD if you need a refresher. 

This image is property of Amazon and I am using it for educational and awareness  purposes

I NOW SEE the importance of DUSTING OFF those exercise DVD’s and seeing what modifications can be made to fit your current fitness level and health state.

Arthritis education has  impressed upon me the importance of maintaining a fitness routine.

Reducing pain and increasing strength and flexibility according to “Arthritis Foundation,” HAS BEEN PROVEN to relieve arthritis pain and improve joint function.

The evidence is overwhelming: A body needs physical activity to stay healthy.

Walking, Tai Chi, Exercise and Aquatics are program suggestions that CAN HELP restore flexibility, stability and reduce pain.

If you are living with arthritis and want to attend group classes lead by Arthritis foundation instructors CLICK IN THE IMAGE BELOW.

Arthritis Foundation Life Improvement Series Programs Poster


HOW COOL IS IT that the certified instructors can modify the exercise program for you!

If you DON’T HAVE ARTHRITIS, should I repeat the evidence quote for ya?….

The evidence is overwhelming: A body needs physical activity to stay healthy.

It may be time to dig through all those DVD exercise tapes, and get your move on!

Much love,

P.S. Before you jump into a NEW or OLD exercise program, talk it over with your doctor first.