Extension Leads To Special Needs Care Plan

An extension was in order for October’s 12-12-12 project focus on Down syndrome. There was too much important ground to cover in one month.

Andi, mother of a toddler with Down syndrome, asked me to complete individual assignments leading me to a greater understanding of mothering a child with Down syndrome.

In case you have not checked out the previous assignments, here you are…

Before I forget, check out my AWESOME Down syndrome awareness bracelet

Down syndrome awareness bracelet

Assignment #1

 Assignment #2

Assignment #3

The last two weeks I have been working on Assignment #4…

Congratulations, Marissa! You have a baby boy! You need to come up with a plan as how to support his health and development.

Andi provided me photos of my newborn, asked me to name my son, and shared a list of symptoms he is experiencing. She asked me to pull from pre-determined resources and develop a care plan.

My response to the assignment….

WOW! The first thing that came into my mind was…. “How cute is this baby. He is SO cute!” Second… “How will I care for this baby?” Imagine having a chronic illness and caring for a child with special needs.

Complexities arise having a child with special needs.  Another level of complexity is added living with a chronic medical condition raising a child with special needs.

I began brain dumping all of my thoughts into the excellent program called MindNode. This software has been a blessing, allowing me to organize my cluttered thoughts.

pre- care plan

I was floored by the numerous areas of focus a mother of a newborn with Down syndrome is required to divide her attention. (It’s important to note: These are the areas I am assuming where my focus should go! )

It’s humbling envisioning mother’s that are facing the reality of raising a child with special needs.

What type of mother would I be?

Would I be the mother that immediately jumps in with both feet, grabbing at every available resource? OR, would I shut down paralyzed by fear?

This line of questioning landed me in the local public library.

SHOUT OUT to my future father -in-law for giving me a ride to the library (Those that don’t know, this vestibular condition has restricted my ability to drive!). Also, thanks to him for signing up for a library card allowing me to check out books.(Oops, I didn’t have a photo ID on hand! A Long story.)

Down Syndrome Books From Local Public Library
With my collection of resources from both the library and allotted resources provided from Andi, I am close to developing a care plan.

Much Love,

P.S.  My heart is full for every mother raising a child with special needs!