Allow Me To Make An Appeal

The last few weeks I have gotten to know this month’s 12-12-12 project member Sarah Mills.

With each new reference book, article, video, that I plow through on allergies, I can’t help but become more emotionally invested in Sarah.

I have now learned that allergies are MUCH MORE than an annoyance, they can be life threatening.

I am disheartened and worried  knowing WITHOUT specific allergy shots provided by her clinic, Sarah will NOT be alive.

What angers me is the National Health Service (England’s publicly funded healthcare system) withdrew funding for Sarah’s allergy treatment.

Sarah was forced to create an appeal titled SEATA (Sarah Elizabeth Allergy Treatment Appeal) in an effort to raise money for life saving allergy treatment.

I realize that everyone is strapped for cash BUT allow me to make an appeal. 

Sarah is a woman that has been dealt a crappy health hand. She has no choice but to play her cards. Knowing that she has few outs, Sarah continues to fight with what little she can draw from.

WITH ALL THAT SAID………….. I am comfortable asking you to skip out on that Starbucks grande frappuccino or dinner at that highly reviewed restaurant you were dying to try this weekend.

Consider giving those funds to Sarah Elizabeth’s Allergy Treatment Appeal.

Sarah Elizabeth Allergy Treatment Appeal-PLEASE donate you rock star!

You can give by heading over to Sarah’s appeal blog or clicking on the image above to be taken to Sarah’s donate page.

THANK YOU  and from the bottom of my heart …. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

Much love,