Positive Messages: What Are You Projecting Out Into The World!

Note attached to Gram's refrigerator.

I am blessed to have an outstanding Gram(Grandmother)!

My parents worked long and hard hours, which meant I would spend a considerable amount of time with my Gram.

A few weeks ago, I was alone in her house awaiting her return from a doctors appointment. I found myself wandering the house, in awe of all the positive messages that have been staring back at me since I was a kid.

Every uplifting and encouraging message I have received from Gram is not because she reads out loud inspirational scripture, and shares enormous loads of wisdom.

It’s much deeper than that!

I realize what makes a person a positive influence is not the positive messages they pin up for all to see, or the positive sayings that roll off their tongue. It’s how they internalize those lessons, sayings, and messages. Gram lives and acts in accordance to what she believes AND THAT makes her the most positive influence in my life!


 Are we living a life in accordance to what we are projecting to the world?

Much love,

PS: Thanks Gram for living your truth so I can be inspired to find and live mine!

Help Me Find a Pair of Water Shoes!

Babe and I were in the backyard taking in the sun. The pool looked exceptionally beautiful. It was hot outside, and the pool was glistening. I should be able to, dive in, and swim, right? Not so fast. I always seem to find myself perched at the edge of the shallow end of the pool feet submerged in the water. I swear there is a magnetic force in that pool water always tugging at me. Why do we want for things we can’t have?

I have been in the pool post vestibular disorder, but there is always a fear. The doctors warned me, never put my head underwater because I could drown. I understand that once I submerge my head underwater visual cues would be removed, and my visual orientation would be impaired. Also, the motion of the water brings unpleasant nausea and has triggered a vertigo spell or two.

Stairway To Swimming Pool

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Heck. Today I wanted to get into the pool. I even checked in with Siri to confirm the temperature outside. I was stalling. Gotta love smart phones! I finally stumbled across a post that stated 80 degrees outside is considered prime swim weather. As fate would have it, Siri had already alerted it was 81 degrees. I proclaimed my desire to get into the water, and Babe didn’t discourage me.

Next thing you know I was in the water. Pants, shirt, bra and undies. I didn’t care; I was in! It was freezing and I considered jumping out. Glad I didn’t give up. I was forced to stay in the shallow end! My movement began to stir the water into a forceful motion, and I started to feel yucky. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. I elected to hold onto the edge of the pool and look away from the water. Did I tell you, I have not physically ran in 7 years? Running can be a trigger that  provokes dizziness and vertigo. I then started running in place. Before I could wrap my head around what was happening, I yelled out, ” I am running!”. I turned to look at babe, and I was greeted with a huge smile. I then asked babe to set the stopwatch and time me. “Set it for 10 minutes!” Once again he didn’t discourage me. He set the timer and I started running in place holding onto that edge. I pulled my hands away from the edge, and the buoyancy of the water held me in place. I screamed again, “I am running”! It was quickly realized I wasn’t going to make the 10 desired minutes. Babe yelled out, “How about we shoot for 2 minutes?” My reply, “What about 3?”. I made it to 2 minutes, and I fizzled out. But who the heck cares. I ran! I ran for the first time in 7 years. It may not have been in the traditional form, but it was my way, on my own terms!

Babe asked me to hold onto the shallow edge while he went to retrieve a towel. I had an opportunity to be alone to think about what I had just accomplished. I began to feel motion sickness as the water shifted me about. Babe hustled back and helped me out of the pool. The weight of the wet clothes felt tremendous. That weight represented the heavy burden this disorder has placed on my life. Babe started to wrap the towel around me, and I hugged him close and began to cry. He held me tight and said, “I am so proud of you.” I am proud of us. We have been in this battle together for 7 years, and we may not win every battle, but we will win the war!

Much love,

12-12-12 Project Observation Multiple Sclerosis

This has been an intriguing start to my educational journey learning about Multiple Sclerosis. I found myself disappointed with the limited information available while researching the rare liver disease Budd-Chiari Syndrome in February. I find myself currently overwhelmed by the plentiful and vast information available on MS. I am currently intentionally withholding using Amy’s educational concept MS SoftServe as an educational resource. I want to let myself experience the process of emerging within a plethora of information. This may allow me the ability to greater empathize with a family member, friend, significant other, in search of answers. I am beginning to realize that I can not find answers until I know what are the pertinent questions to ask. Already learning so many lessons.

Much love,

Podcast: February 12-12-12 Project Member Kim M.


12-12-12 project member Kim M. From Hope Whispers Podcast interview featuring 12-12-12 project member Kim M.

Audio Download

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About Kim:

Kim was born and raised on a tiny island in Pacific Ocean.  Kwajalein was her home until she graduated from High School in 2000.  She spent the next 5 years working at Walt Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom.  Married her high school sweetheart in 04 and entered the world of motherhood the next year.  Kim’s greatest blessing is her family.  Now a mother of 2 boys parenting is a challenge she enjoys.  She began her love affair with photography shortly after her first son was born.  She loves nature and all things outdoors.  She loves life and tries her best to live each day to the fullest!  She started the blog, Hope Whispers, where she documents living with a rare liver disease.

Condition: Budd-Chiari Syndrome

According to The Merck Manual:

“Budd-Chiari syndrome is caused by blood clots that completely or partially block the large veins that carry blood from the liver (hepatic veins) into the inferior vena cave.”

Connect with Kim:

Twitter: @KMunoz28
Blog: http://kmunozbcs.blogspot.com/

Support Kim:

Help Kim raise much needed funds for her liver transplant. Show your support for Kim by rocking Hope4Kim products. Proceeds will go towards Kim’s transplant fund!

Learn more about Budd-Chiari Syndrome, Liver Disease, Organ Donation:


Liver Disease

Organ Donation

Be sure to check out Kim’s fantastic blog Hope Whispers to learn what it’s like living with Budd-Chiari Syndrome.

Much love,


Audio Transcript: 

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Gram Supporting Liver Disease Awareness

Project 12-12-12 for the month of February is featuring Kim of Hope Whispers. Kim is living with a rare form of liver disease known as Budd-Chiari Syndrome. Kim is going to need a liver transplant. I am spending the month of February learning more about Kim, liver disease, and liver transplantation.

Gram wearing a liver disease awareness support bracelet  to her doc appt.

My Grandmother AKA Gram, showing support of Kim. Gram is rocking a liver awareness support bracelet to her doctor’s appointment! Go Gram. May you be inspired to learn about liver disease and prevention. Blessings.

Much love,

12-12-12 Project February Photo Collage

Collage of images taken at doctor appointment of me wearing a liver foundation support t-shirtHere, is a collage of pictures taken at one of my appointments this month. Being able to show support to another condition while still participating in my own health journey is really putting things into perspective!

Thank you Kristin at the San Diego Chapter of the American Liver Foundation. She sent me some fantastic Liver Foundation awareness shirts and a bracelet. An awesome gal!

Much love,

* Thank you babe for being the camera man!

12-12-12 Project: February Budd-Chiari Syndrome

Back view of Budd-Chiari awareness  t-shirt

February 12-12-12 Project will focus on condition known as Budd-Chiari Syndrome. It’s a condition I have never heard of. I would venture to say, very few people have heard of this condition.

February’s featured guest is a fantastic woman by the name of Kim M. She runs the blog Hope Whispers where she beautifully chronicles what life is like living with a rare liver disease.

I look forward to spending time with Kim (virtually), passing on the lessons meant to be shared.

Much love,

*Please note, this photo is from Zazzle.com. I have purchased the shirt, however not the image show here. The image is property of Zazzle. Zazzle if you need me to remove this image, no worries.

Video Blog: 12 Months, 12 Journey’s, 12 Lessons


Lesson:  Vanity vs The Message:

Wow, this is raw. No makeup or hair done!:) This was supposed to be a dry run, however, I felt being honest and raw was more important than my look, so I will run with it. This is an addition to previous blog post, Reflection, Nomination, Idea, Execution.

If you want to be part of the 12 months, 12 journey’s, 12 lessons, please contact me!

p.s. I know I don’t live in snow country, however, I dress like I do! Loving my winter scarf.

Much love,

Adding Audio To The Blog


Hope you enjoy this new audio platform I  am introducing to the blog:

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Linking it up!

Chiropractor Extraordinaire:

Gordon Grannis, D.C.


Books mentioned:

Painless Writing by Jeffrey Strausser

Painless Grammar by Rebecca Elliott


Much Love,