The Lesson: Options

October and November have merged leading to a singular, yet powerful lesson. Andi Durkin, mother raising a toddler with Down syndrome was not comfortable with a dominant perspective on how to raise her son.

She opened herself up to different suggestions and approaches and is sharing what is working for her son on her blog: Down Syndrome: A day to day guide.

During the interview Andi stressed the importance of getting your doctors opinion, however, she also reminded us…

“Explore all your options.”

It is a powerful lesson that often get’s overlooked. There is NOTHING WRONG with seeking additional opinions. One man or one woman, regardless of certification, does not have all of the answers.


Much love,

“Remember I’m allergic to shrimp?” You can eat salmon!

hyp·o·crite in the house? GUILTY.

This is the 2nd time this week I’ve had to call myself out!

A popular seafood chain has brought back for a LIMITED TIME endless shrimp for $14.99.

“Try as much as you like, any way you like.”

Cooked Shrimp

photo by mhaithaca

I LOVE SHRIMP. Fried, grilled, and breaded, I don’t discriminate.

It’s important to note because of my vestibular(balance) disorder my visits to restaurants are infrequent. I was up to the challenge and invited babe to join me for some endless shrimp.

Babe: ” I’m allergic to shrimp babe. ”

My response: “But babe, I really want to go! You can eat salmon! Just order salmon or a steak.”

WHAT? I TOTALLY DISMISSED babe’s allergy concern because I had dreams of eating Alfredo shrimp pasta.

My selfish justifications:

1.) I infrequently visit restaurants.

2.) I REALLY want that endless shrimp. I have been waiting for it to come back to the menu for a few years.

Babe’s shellfish allergy justifications:

1.) Hives or eczema

2.) Nasal congestion

3.) Allergic conjunctivitis

4.) Nausea

5.) Abdominal pain

6.) Vomiting

7.) Diarrhea

8.) Wheezing

9.) Coughing

10.) Runny nose

11.) Swelling of lips

12.) Swelling of tongue

13.) Swelling of face

I offered babe menu alternatives to shrimp without taking into account restaurant preparation. Shared cooking areas, utensils, cooking pans, etc. all part of cooking kitchen operations.

According to The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis network…

Eating away from home can pose a significant risk to people affected by food allergy. Research suggests that close to half of fatal food allergy reactions are triggered by food served by a restaurant or other food service establishment.

The seafood chain’s website has an allergy information page. They are committed to making adjustments to those with allergies and dietary needs, BUT there is a disclaimer toward the bottom of the page…

Since all of our dishes are prepared-to-order at (popular seafood chain restaurant), our normal kitchen operations may involve shared cooking and preparation areas. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any menu item can be completely free of allergens.

To prevent babe from encountering a severe allergic reaction it’s required that we practice shellfish avoidance.

Thank GOD for Sarah (babe thanks you as well) this month’s 12-12-12 project member.  Sarah is living with severe allergies and learning about the condition has opened my eyes. I now realize the severity of the situation and I will make adjustments ensuring babe is safe!

Much love,