* “Effie, brace yourself.”

Since we are starting upon a journey some basic preparations need to take place before we move forward. It’s important for you to gather a sense of my past and how I got to this point so we can navigate this journey effectively…

The early years:

I was a latch key kid growing up. My parents were hard working and often times worked more then one job ( mom) to provide us a better standard of living then they were accustomed too. I was more of a chatterbox and dreamer than an exemplary student. I found myself falling into troubled pre-teen and teenage years, missing most of my academic foundation. I managed to pull it together in high school by isolating myself from bad elements and hanging out with the nerdy types. As my nerdy angels headed off to AP classes,  I was herded alongside the other dreamers into donkey knock off classes. I often times believed we were just being baby sat while my nerdy compadres were actually in school learning. I managed to graduate high school and was accepted into a college. ( pics inside)

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