Vestibular Health Tip: Ice Pack

Dizziness, nausea, head fog, headache, are just some of the symptoms I battle daily. For many vestibular disorder sufferers, these symptoms are accepted as part of our normal daily experience. My vestibular rehabilitation therapist (VRT) has introduced me to cold packs. When my symptoms become unbearable during therapy exercises, we break and apply an ice pack to the back of my neck. We wait for the symptoms to subside and then we resume the exercise. The ice pack has a calming effect. It gives me a sense of control. It is an opportunity to regroup and a reminder to not continue to push myself beyond limits. It allows me to take the time I need and then resume activity.

My VRT therapist has encouraged me to use the ice pack as part of my daily regimen. I picked up this Bed Buddy hot/cold pack at the local drug store.

Marissa rocking her ice pack



It works!

It’s reusable.

The material is soft and not irritating on the skin.



Doesn’t stay cold very long.

It’s a bit heavy.



Please share the cold pack that is getting you through! I would love to check out your suggestions.

p.s. If you have any hair conditioner recommendations, please add them to the comments below!:) My hair is crazy these days.

* Note: I am not advocating ice pack use for every vestibular patient.  Please consult with your doctor or VRT specialist and see if an ice pack would help with your current treatment and symptom reduction plan.


Much love,