The Spin Sisters 1st annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Giveaway-2014

turkey giveaway for folks living with chronic vertigo/dizziness

Chronic illness and the holidays don’t mix!

Heads up: The Spin Sisters are kicking off our 1st annual Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Giveaway.

We realize some members within our community may not be able to participate in the busy Thanksgiving festivities due to the evil symptoms known as vertigo and dizziness! We also realize funds can be tight for those on a fixed income

If you live in the US and could use a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for two shipped to your home,  here is the entry form:

PS: If you find yourself in a position where you want to help ship more Thanksgiving dinners to members of our ommunity, awesome, you will find the donate link here:

PPS: The winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, November 17, 2014 @ noon (PST)

Much love,
Marissa & Jane
The Spin Sisters

Participating in #SXSW (update)

Often times life’s negative events and interactions are set on repeat, recycled, replayed, and picked apart for analysis. I want to rewind and replay the kindness I have been extended over the last few weeks. I mentioned Veronica Johnson in a recent blog post. I talked about how she attended an interactive conference known as SXSW. I expressed because of my vestibular issues I most likely would not be able to participate.

Veronica e-mailed daily giving me a play by play of what was taking place at the event. It was like I had my very own news correspondent at the conference. She also shipped me a box filled with swag from the conference!

Let me share the events. I had a rough day and felt a bit down. I even cried on babe’s shoulder. I felt a bit lost and unsure of the future. I let out a good cry and then babe reminded me that I had a package to open. I opened up the package and wow! I felt rejuvenated. Veronica’s act of kindness reminded me the importance of staying in positive moments. I am going to continue to have lows and high’s throughout life. With that said I realize that blessings come from above, and there is a purpose and plan being carried out in my life.

SXSW swag: t-shirts, buttons, etc.


I want to thank Veronica for being the best gal ever. This gal is the real deal! Her act of kindness will continue to fuel me to strive to be the best version of myself.

Much love,

Never Say Never? Participating in #SXSW

It is highly unlikely I could handle an interactive conference or festival. It may be a bit too much sensory overload. Shopping at Target or Walmart feels as if I am attending an interactive conference and festival!

Majority of the individuals I follow on Twitter, are from the web design community; therefore, my Twitter feed is currently full of #SXSW hashtags. I try and not entertain the idea of attending these events. I have come to accept the fact that I can not attend ; however, that does not discourage me from interacting. I comb the SXSW website and I click all of the #SXSW links that storm my Twitter feed. It makes me feel as if I am a participant.

What a thrill it was today checking my Twitter feed and seeing a tweet from Veronica Johnson. There was a Twitter photo of her holding up a t-shirt.

Veronica Johnson holding up mashable t-shirt at SXSW


Veronica picked me up some swag over at the Mashable booth! The crazy thing is I have never met or spoken directly with Veronica in person. We have connected via tweets, email,  and comments on the blog. She thought enough of me to include me in her #SXSW experience. Thank you Veronica Johnson for allowing me to participate through your journey! You are the best.


Much love,