I Will Email You For The Next 30 Days An Inspirational Quote

What motivates you to get through your day? Desiring a bit of inspirational motivation? I am offering a service donation for $5.oo through Raise5.com. I will email you for the next 30 days an inspirational quote from varied sources. (click image below)

Raise5 - I will email you for the next 30 days an inspirational quote


 The service donation will go to a wonderful organization: AboutFace


AboutFace Homepage


Get Involved:

Support causes with your skills and talents

Check out Raise5 and see how your talents can turn into donations for a charity or non-profit!

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Allow me to earn your vote for positive change

Often left feeling that your vote doesn’t count? Do you avoid voting believing you are just another number? What if I could guarantee your vote counted? Would you be more compelled to vote?

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Your vote counts

I am here to tell you your vote counts, matters, and you are not just another number. Raise5 is a fundraising platform, providing charities and non-profits creative ways to fundraise. Raise5 wants to “show the world that together, we can turn our free time and talents into a force for good!”

What are you voting for

Raise5 has been invited to compete in the Virgin Unite’s contest- ‘Screw Business As Usual’. Virgin Unite is currently looking for innovative business ideas, that “do more to help people and the planet.”

There isn’t much time

Voting ends midnight April 17th. Let’s help Raise5 stay within the Top 10. The Top 10 entries will have an opportunity to be reviewed by Virgin Unite’s judging panel.

Take action and vote

Check out the Raise5  Help us screw business as usual  video entry, vote and share. (Click image below )

Raise5 featured on Virgin Unite. Click image to vote and share.


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