Abledis Has Been Redesigned


Abledis Redesign Before and After


I had a vision for a site redesign, but didn’t have the immediate knowledge to carry out that vision. My friend Blake Watson came to the rescue. Blake and I joined forces collaborating on a site redesign for Abledis. The current site design is a culmination of month’s spent hammering out ideas with the goal of presenting a clean and responsive design.

My hope with the redesign is that Abledis is a place you feel comfortable visiting. The goal being a website that is informative and an accurate reflection of what it’s like as I journey  living life with a hidden disability.

Thank you for your support. Blake and I hope you enjoy your experience.

Much love,

*Please be patient with us while make a few slight adjustments as needed to Abledis in the upcoming weeks.

Video Blog: 12 Months, 12 Journey’s, 12 Lessons


Lesson:  Vanity vs The Message:

Wow, this is raw. No makeup or hair done!:) This was supposed to be a dry run, however, I felt being honest and raw was more important than my look, so I will run with it. This is an addition to previous blog post, Reflection, Nomination, Idea, Execution.

If you want to be part of the 12 months, 12 journey’s, 12 lessons, please contact me!

p.s. I know I don’t live in snow country, however, I dress like I do! Loving my winter scarf.

Much love,