Update: All I Want For Christmas Is To Walk 5k To Fight Arthritis

The VRT specialist said YES!

I get to walk in the 5k Jingle Bell Run/Walk for arthritis.

Jingle Bell Run/Walk Arthritis logo

Can I get a…. WHOOP… WHOOP!

She expressed two concerns:

1. I have to use BOTH sticks.

– Additional balance support is a smart move.  I am down with that.

2. HOW will I handle the large crowds of people?

– She put her hands on her face worrying how I was going to deal with the  large amounts of people! I jumped in and quickly suggested…” I promise to stay at the back of the pack.” She looked a bit relieved.

– She wants me to look into pre-registration SO I can avoid the large crowds.

Time to drop a little balance education on you!

WHY would large crowds and open spaces be bothersome to a person with a vestibular disorder?

According to VEDA (Vestibular Disorder Association) a POSSIBLE symptom of a vestibular sufferer is…

Difficulty finding stability in crowds or in large open spaces

WHY would I need two walking sticks you may ask? Because there is a…

Tendency to touch or hold onto something when standing, or to touch or hold the head while seated

The sticks provide me a bit of comfort! I need all the comfort I can get.

Much love,

P.S. If you live in the Southern California area AND are living with a vestibular disorder hit me up! Maybe we can walk the race together?  We have a little less than 5 months to get in gear. WE GOT THIS!