Sitting There Feeling Unmotivated? Dale May Be Able To Lend You A Hand

In our family, I have always been the primary cook, UNTIL I found myself in a wheelchair

This months 12-12-12 project member Dale Lehn had to undergo a second spinal surgery that left him paralyzed. Dale returned home to the reality of living the remainder of his life in a wheelchair.

When I returned home from rehab facing a new life in a wheelchair, I soon realized I needed four hands. Two to maneuver my wheelchair and two to carry whatever was necessary.

Dale was perfecting a secret weaponDESIRE. He created a product that would allow him access to the joys of greater independence.

I am SO PROUD (and pumped) to share with you Dale’s product….My4Hands™

CHECK OUT Dale in action...

SO…what do you think? Fantastic isn’t it!

Some of the cool things Dale can do with My4Hands™

My4Hands came in handy when I went to see “Red” at the movie theater yesterday. I WAS ABLE to get my soda and popcorn and take it right into the theater. Past days, Carmel would have to carry everything. Not now…it’s easy.

I found another use for My4Hands. I went to a TGI Fridays for dinner. As you may know they have a salad buffet. Well, with My4Hands IT WAS EASY FOR ME to go through the buffet and pick and choose exactly what and how much I wanted.

OK… So how can you get your hands on this awesome product? First let me say this…


You can purchase this lovely independence assistant over at Dale’s website BreakthrU Horizon LLC

Let’s show Dale some love! If you don’t personally need this product… put a smile on the face of a person that does.

Much love,

P.S. Some think about doing and others do! Don’t you love to hear stories of people digging deep and producing?  SO pumped right now.

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