12 Months, 12 Journeys, 12 Lessons

Could a shift in focus away from vestibular struggles help me get through my vestibular struggles? Educating myself on other medical conditions and focusing on another person’s journey may be the best way for me to pull through my own condition.

Monthly, I attend several appointments that relate to my vestibular disorder. These appointments make me nervous. I realize vestibular disorders are complex, and in 7 years, I have yet to find a “cure.”! I realize that with each visit, therapy, adjustment, and exam that doesn’t deliver a “cure”, my options are narrowing.

Despite my supportive network, at times I feel alone. What would it feel like to be reminded that I am not alone? To be reminded that there are others in the struggle, and despite their conditions, they are moving in a positive direction. And so, 12 Months, 12 Journeys, 12 Lessons was born!

Motion Alert

According to the Vestibular Disorders Association(VEDA) “a common complaint for people with vestibular disorders is that they have difficulty with their vision. They have problems focusing on an object or perceive that objects are moving from side to side or revolving around them.”

I suffer with vision deficits that have become pronounced since I developed a vestibular disorder. Imagine what it would be like for a person living with a vestibular disorder viewing websites that display motion/movement. I wanted to communicate the dangers of motion/movement on websites to designers and developers. As we move into using technologies such as CSS3, there is concern. The concern being, people living with vestibular disorders, are possibly going to find websites with these new technologies not viewable. It is my dream that designers/developers be as creative as possible, however, have a purpose for why they are adding motion/movement to their websites. If motion/movement is required, simply have an option for the viewer to disable it.

Alongside my friend Blake Watson, we put up Motion Alert to allow designers/developers to get a sense of what it is like living with a vestibular condition and what motion/movement on websites would be bothersome. Also, members of the vestibular community speak out about what websites are bothersome to them.

The Spin Sisters Podcast

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Podcast about living with chronic dizziness.
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~ Jane & Marissa