Podcast: March 12-12-12 Project Member Amy Gurowitz


Excited to bring to you this months podcast.

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  1. Great episode! I was so impressed with Amy’s innovative, “customized learning” approach to MS education.

    I definitely could’ve used Ulcerative Colitis Softserve in the early 2000s when my UC was wreaking havoc. As it was, I only had internet resources that were inconsistently informative, but consistently terrifying. It quickly got to the point where I didn’t read anything on UC because that increased my stress, and thus, my symptoms. (PS, I’ve been in remission six years, but I’m still wary of UC sites.)

    I’m excited to hear that Amy’s nonprofit hopes to deliver this new educational model to many chronic diseases! And Marissa, keep up the awesome hosting – I love how thoroughly you research beforehand!

    • Veronica,

      I agree that Amy’s concept is extremely innovative. I can see the concept being helpful for many conditions. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can relate to being wary of various sites. I have been blessed to find the non-profit organization VEDA. They have educated me on vestibular conditions.

      Glad you found the interview interesting! It has been fascinating learning about various conditions. I really do love doing the research. Thanks again for your support! You are the best.

      Much love,

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