Officially a Legit Walker?

Hat, cotton shirt, pants, walking shoes, trekking poles, pepper spray, phone, and I head out the door to walk as many times a week as my health permits.

Increasing my walking distance and stamina post-vestibular disorder has been a LONG JOURNEY!

Here is a photo of my early vestibular(balance) days, when walking around the block felt IMPOSSIBLE….

Early vestibular days of me laying on couch next to my dog wearing sea-bands

I was in a funk and depression FOR YEARS after my vestibular dysfunction appeared. One day someone mentioned to me..

Marissa, you are going to be “dizzy” regardless if your inside your home or outside your home.

WHAT? Well heck! She was right. I initially dismissed her statement. Deep down I didn’t want to believe life beyond my four walls was forever changed.

She was right AND being logical! I was “dizzy” outside my home as well as inside.  There was no escape. SO, I have been pushing ever since to venture out more. Since this vestibular condition NEVER leaves me, it’s going to have to join me while I push
beyond the limits of what it permits.

I mentioned to my fiancé that I wanted to try walking sticks, and he purchased me a pair of trekking poles (THANKS BABE)…

Marissa's trekking poles

I snapped a photo of me on my first walk ALONE post-vestibular issues!…

First time walking alone post-vestibular using my walking sticks

I painted my walking poles purple for lupus awareness month….

Poles spray painted purple for lupus awareness month and POP Day

It started initially with walking down the block and eventually I reached 2.1 miles…

2.147 miles says my pedometer

All I want for Christmas is to walk AND complete a 5k walk for arthritis!

jingle-bell-runwalk-arthritis- 2012


I FINALLY hit 2.7 miles! (Please pray I get here again. I have yet to hit this milestone again!)…

2.75 miles says my pedometer

I was able to walk far enough (BY MYSELF) to purchase my own meals from el pollo loco AND subway…

El pollo loco receipt and Subway bag

And now I want to give a shout out to my cousin who sent me 3 AWESOME walking shirts (she is a racing, triathlon, diva!)…

Racing shirt my cousin sent me

Thanks girl! You are helping me look the part of a legit walker. :)

Much love,

P.S   It’s ok if we fail or have setbacks let’s just promise each other to  keep continuing the take incremental steps in a forward direction! WE GOT THIS


  1. You are an inspiration! I want to get out more especially when the weather is cooler. The longer I sit upright and still, the better I feel. Walking around too much gets everything stirred up. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to increase my endurance. Maybe I need a “stationary” bike. I won’t give up though….

    • Michele! You inspire me. You have given me SO much. Your faith and belief inspires me, and it has put a smile on Gram’s face. I have read her a few of your blog posts and she LOVES them.

      I hear you about weather issues. I am trying to figure out my winter walking setup. I really am going to need a rain gear setup. I am thinking of buying a poncho and putting it over my clothes. Any ideas?

      Interesting that everything get’s stirred up for you when you move. I am the opposite. Sitting still makes me feel the 24-7 movement, so I am constantly wanting to pace or move. My PT says the movements I make are an over correction, and I have to learn to stop doing that. :/

      I agree, don’t give up. Take small steps and feel your way through the process. You will come up with something that works for you! Love ya girl. Keep at it!

      Much love,

  2. This is fantastic!! Will be there in spirit cheering you on when you complete your 5k walk!! You are a fantastic inspiration. Go girl!

    • Thanks Rhiann! You are the best. It’s awesome to know our group has my back:) You guys are rock solid.

      Much love,

  3. Hi Marissa!
    You are definitely a legit walker and an inspiration to us all!
    My theory is that you just need to keep telling yourself that you can do it (even if you don’t always believe that) and your body will hear the message and respond the best way that it can. And I’m so glad that you posted that its OK to fail, but you have to keep trying. That is something I have to remind myself all the time.
    I’m so glad I’ve found your blog!!
    Keep on trekking! :)

    • Emily! Your theory is spot on. We learn to become our own personal life coach. Coaching ourselves through a vestibular journey is a must! That’s is what’s going to get us out of neutral.

      It’s comforting knowing that you understand what my world is like! Everyone see’s you as “normal,” but you and I know these false sensations of movement, vertigo, and other harsh symptoms are cruel!

      I am SO glad I found your blog! You go girl. We will keep on trekking together:)

      Much love,

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