Never Say Never? Participating in #SXSW

It is highly unlikely I could handle an interactive conference or festival. It may be a bit too much sensory overload. Shopping at Target or Walmart feels as if I am attending an interactive conference and festival!

Majority of the individuals I follow on Twitter, are from the web design community; therefore, my Twitter feed is currently full of #SXSW hashtags. I try and not entertain the idea of attending these events. I have come to accept the fact that I can not attend ; however, that does not discourage me from interacting. I comb the SXSW website and I click all of the #SXSW links that storm my Twitter feed. It makes me feel as if I am a participant.

What a thrill it was today checking my Twitter feed and seeing a tweet from Veronica Johnson. There was a Twitter photo of her holding up a t-shirt.

Veronica Johnson holding up mashable t-shirt at SXSW


Veronica picked me up some swag over at the Mashable booth! The crazy thing is I have never met or spoken directly with Veronica in person. We have connected via tweets, email,  and comments on the blog. She thought enough of me to include me in her #SXSW experience. Thank you Veronica Johnson for allowing me to participate through your journey! You are the best.


Much love,

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