Need a stylish way to carry your medication?

I want you to stop reading this post and go grab your pillbox, pill bag, prescription bottles, ziplock bag, trash bag; you get my drift ! This months May 12-12-12 project member Sara Gorman has come up with a beautiful alternative to clunky, plastic, pill boxes, and bottles.

Many of you, just like I used to be, are beholden to a clunky, plastic pill box to carry your pills.  And if you’re not (yet!), you know someone who is. But couldn’t there be a better way to organize and tote pills? At least, a more fashionable way that doesn’t include plastic? Most importantly, couldn’t there be an organizer that doesn’t scream “I’m sick” when you pull it out to use it?

I want you to toss those dingy, boring, pill boxes and containers aside and start rocking a beautiful Pillfold! What’s a Pillfold?

Sara Gorman pillfold

The Pillfold is a fun, fashionable new way to carry your vitamins and medication.

I understand those prescription bottles have pertinent information on them and you are not ready to throw them away. No worries, Sarah offers a Pillpouch.

Sara Gorman PillPouch

The Pillpouch makes toting and storing your medicine bottles simple and easy. Featuring six elastic bands and a special-drawstring design, this cute little number is just the thing to keep your prescription bottles organized, stowed, and at the ready.

Did I mention:

5% of every Pillbag sold goes to a Lupus charity. Join our quest to raise $1,000,000!

Let’s support Sara by heading over to her website and support her project:  Bringing a dose of style™

Much love,

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