Let Me Tell You About The Man I Love

Heart made from sunflower seeds

Photo by: justingun

The blessing bestowed upon me from above

A friendship that blossomed into affection
A relationship built from a strong connection

A turbulent roller coaster moving at high speed
Life altering circumstances that planted a seed

It would have been acceptable to walk away
You gave me a ring and promised you would stay

Through your eyes I see that I have changed
Yet, you never alienated me leaving me estranged

It’s here I make this public decree
We are not always going to agree

BUT I am going to love you and continue to grow
I will fight for us and not let go

So on this Valentine’s day, please allow me to say,
I will greet you with love at the end of each work day

I will always have your back
When the evil of this world want’s to attack

I will work harder to fight a harsh tone
Remembering not to cast the first stone

I won’t be perfect, and I will stumble
Hey, even Dan Marino was allowed to fumble!

All jokes aside, I will remain by your side
Looking forward to one day being your bride

I LOVE you babe. Happy Valentine’s Day!

MUCH love,
Marissa AKA Babe

PS: Hugs to those that have stuck by and uplifted their “Babe’s” regardless of chronic illness.

Video doesn’t start until 15 seconds in…



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