Lessons Learned From My Neighborhood

Single person reflecting their community

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Six years ago 1/3 of my neighboring residents were living on public housing. The poverty rate here is twice the poverty rate of the rest of Los Angeles county. In 2009 the LA times listed my communities median household income as $49k. The community is listed as a 2.5 out of 10 in safety.

So what does this have to do with my dizziness? I believe environments shape our realities. The culture radiates off us and often times we reflect the culture. I spend so much time indoors with this condition. However, if dizziness permits, I partake in a daily walk. On my daily walk poverty is visible. Yet, people don’t seem to allow the poverty to affect them.

I have lived here for 8 months but some of my family members have lived here for 40+ years. When I walk my neighborhood I see shopping carts overturned on unkept lawns, broken up sidewalks and streets, battered homes looking abandoned. Yet, I managed to find a lesson today when walking. A community that has so little is still able to radiate with so much pride. I will gladly be reflective of my community and learn from it’s teachings. Dizziness has taken so much from me, but with lesson’s learned from the neighborhood, I will continue to radiate with pride!

Much Love,

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