It’s Time To Come Clean

I feel like I have been living a double life. Majority of those on my personal Facebook page have no clue I am living with a disability. I couldn’t take it any longer. It was time for me to come clean!

“Majority of you are unaware that I have been suffering from a disabling balance disorder. Six, almost seven years ago my balance started failing me. I began experiencing intermittent dizziness and then one day I woke up with full blown vertigo, I have never been the same. The etiology of the condition is unknown. Check out the day in a life living with this condition.

The crazy thing is I look 100 percent “normal,” yet I am really struggling inside. I have been silent about what is going on for several reasons, mainly fear and embarrassment. However, as I grow to accept what has happened I want to live more openly about what I am going through. I can’t be my authentic self and not speak my truth. So I want to apologize for missing birthday’s, events, visits, graduations, and much more. I apologize for not being honest with you and allowing a chance for dialogue and support. I want to thank babe for always being by my side and helping me get through this! Much love, Marissa ”

Much love,


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