In Need Of A Good Habit, Or Two! (Update)

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30 days ago I set out to add three achievable healthy habits into my life. My 30 days are up and I have learned a great deal about myself.


Health Habit #1: Drink nothing but water for 30’s days.

Goal achieved: Yes

Challenges:  First few days I was in panic mode. It became clear that I was consuming very little water in my diet. I soon became parched. I wasn’t consciously transitioning to drinking water only. If I couldn’t drink soda, ice tea, or juice, I didn’t feel like drinking at all.  After the first week I began to feel really dehydrated and my quench for water kicked in. After the transition I became addicted to water.


Health Habit #2: No pastries, candies and ice cream for the next 30 days.

Goal achieved: Yes

Challenges: This was a much harder challenge then I had anticipated. Pre-challenge, I consumed a sweet daily. The first week I found  a lack of  sweets causing irritability.  I was not pressured by outside factors when it came to drinking water only. Yet, often bombarded by pressure to consume sweets, I almost caved in. The temptation throughout has been shocking. However, I feel this last week, the temptation has tapered off. People are expecting me to say no, therefore they are no longer suggesting.


Healthy Habit #3: Spend 20 minutes each day, for the next 30 days, sketching

Goal achieved: No

Challenges:  I have failed this healthy habit miserably.  With my condition this is not an area that I have much control over. There are days where the imbalance and dizziness is so strong and I can’t imagine staying still and sketching.


What I learned:

There are still aspects of my life that I can control. What I put into my body ultimately is my choice. This has been a true revelation for me. It has inspired a new passion within me to take on a healthier life style. I may not have the same control over my life as I did pre-disability, however,  I will work to make sure to appreciate and foster the aspects of my life I still have control over!

Much love,



  1. Marissa,

    I am so prouod of you. I admire your decision to give yourself these 3 healthy challenges and go through with them, even if you didn’t have a favourable outcome in the stretching one. The decision alone was courageous.
    I hope people take inspiration from your 30 day self challenge and follow suit. I may start off on a smaller scale, but at least it will be a start.
    You are an inspiration, Marissa. Keep up the great work.
    T ; )

    • Thanks T for your support! Love ya. I admire you for creating a vestibular group and building a community of support for people. “I may start off on a smaller scale, but at least it will be a start.” You have my support! Go girl!

      Much love,

  2. Being able to stick with any one thing consistently is impressive to me. Much less two! Unfortunately I don’t have any good ideas at the moment for new habits to try. Got any ideas yet?

  3. mmmm. A little bird told me about something called coke zero! :) Just saying. Water only for a month?:) heheh. Love you and thank you for your support!

    Much love,

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