Helpful Links To Dizziness Communities and Services

My goal is to provide helpful and useful trusted resources. If you believe your group, organization, or service should be added to this list please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Online Community  Dizziness Support Groups:

The Dizziness Blues:

The Dizziness Blues is an active Facebook community: ” For All Those Who Suffer From Chronic Dizziness and know that it’s true what they say… Dizziness Sucks!.”


Support Organizations:

VEDA- Vestibular Disorders Association:

VEDA’s mission statement: “To serve people with vestibular disorders by providing access to information, offering a support network, and elevating awareness of the challenges associated with these disorders.”



The People’s Pharmacy:

Podcast 816 focuses on balance disorders.  Guest, Dr. David Kaylie, Medical Director Of The Vestibular Lab at Duke University Medical Center. Interesting podcast on balance disorders. It speaks to various forms of balance disorders.

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