Getting To Know Your Community (Update)

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I want to quickly express my opinion on communities. I think they are a great resource. However, often times people are venting their frustration, insecurities and fears. It is important that we don’t get caught up in these emotions. I believe part of living successfully with this condition is remaining one step ahead of it. If we allow ourselves to wallow in our sorrow for too long that can be dangerous.

For example: When I first started looking into dizziness communities I would see comments such as this… ” I had a terrible time at Walmart! I will never go back!”.  Since dizziness breads fear I found myself avoiding Walmart. Now that may sound silly but it became my reality. So, if you are new to dizzy groups keep this in mind. Use them as a positive resource and don’t allow yourself to be caught up!

On a side note: I am starting a Facebook community, this community will focus on providing work related resources.


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