February 12-12-12 Project: The Lesson

This month’s 12-12-12 project I spent time learning about liver disease and organ donation. This month’s journey has been life and spirit changing. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim M. who is living with a rare liver disease known as Budd-Chiari Syndrome. I have learned of the importance of organ donation. Check out  OrganDonor.gov to signup to donate a life.

Kim reminded me of a valuable lesson this month. Do not take things for granted, one does not know what tomorrow holds. In love with a special person, tell them. Have a desire to travel? Set a plan in motion to carry out those travel plans. Desiring asking someone special out on a date? Go ahead, ask them out. Need to stand up against a doctor not providing quality care? It is ok to communicate your disapproval. Kim paints a beautiful example of living in the moment:

“We’ll be in the grocery store and he’ll go his way and I go my way and I’ll call him and I’ll be like, “Where are you?” He says, “I’m over here.” I’ll say, “Okay. Love you.” He’s like, “Really? You have to say I love you and I’m going to see you in a minute?” And I will tell him “Yes.” I say “I love you” constantly on the phone. It’s just something that maybe I didn’t do before. Now, I realize what if tomorrow is the day and I didn’t say I love you?”

Special thank you to Kim for being open to sharing her story. Kim, you were a great support to me this month. I’m so glad I got an opportunity to get to know you.

Much love,


  1. I am a 77 year old Parkinson’s (PD) victim – diagnosed in 2007. I hiked with Leike Polls since the early 80s. I now use the same sticks for walking. With Parkinson’s ever advancing my mobility is deteriorating. Without the sticks I would be severely restricted in my ability to “walk”.

    • Hello Joe,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am glad to hear that the polls have provide accessibility. I shared an experience about my polls in a blog post:

      They are a blessing. I use them when I take my walks. Being able to participate in a walk (solo) with additional support has been fantastic. I am thinking about getting new polls because the ones I currently have are starting to wear down. If you have any recommendations please don’t hesitate to share links. Keep in touch!

      Much love,

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