February 12-12-12- Project Photo/Video Collage #2


This collage of photos was taken at my Neuro-Optometric rehab appointment. I was rocking my Hope Whispers/Budd-Chiari Syndrome support t-shirt. You can support      12-12-12 project member Kim and purchase a support t-shirt from her Zazzle Store. The proceeds will go to Kim’s transplant fund!

Collage of photo's of Marisa at her Neuro-Optometric rehab appointment

I have included a video where I’m working on one my visual rehabilitation activities. We are working with lenses/prisms to attempt to improve some of my visual balance disturbances.

*WARNING* The video is shaky. May cause visual disturbances.  I am working on getting a better video/camera. :)


Much love,

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