Educational Resources Uncovered: Multiple Sclerosis

This months 12-12-12 project is focused on learning about Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to make sure I shared the fantastic resources uncovered during this educational journey.


Recommendations from March project member Amy Gurowitz :


HealthCentral (Amy writes for them!)


Stu’s Views & M.S. News



Additional recommendations I uncovered in my search:

100 Questions & Answers About Multiple Sclerosis, Second Edition (book)



Multiple Sclerosis Foundation


Twitter accounts I am  following:

Amy Gurowitz @mssoftserve

Positive Living-MS @PLwithMS

National MS Society @mssociety

MS Association of America @MSassociation

MSF @MS_Focus


* Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to add a valuable resource.


Much love,


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