Could Your Intern Use An Intern?

I am convinced, there has to be a web design agency or company, that would desire having a non-paid web design intern assisting their paid intern. I have found very few online web design internships. The few online internships posted, I have contacted. I am asking the companies to consider using an intern to help their paid intern. As I learn to reinvent myself and attain new skills, I realize “virtual world” experience is going to be essential to my web design freelance success. So, I am simply asking agencies and companies, have you considered having an intern for your intern?

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Possible benefits of a virtual internship:

*Gain virtual office experience
*Gather a sense of how offices are collaborating online
*Understand what companies and agencies are looking for when they hire a freelance web designer
*Be exposed to industry standard best practices
*Learn to be part of an online team

I am hoping to be taken up on my offer. In the meantime I am going to continue to study web standards and enjoying learning HTML and CSS.

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  1. Actually I was just thinking today that I could use a web design intern. My library is beginning an ambitious website redesign and we have small pieces that could be used to help you further your skills AND help us out. Please send me an email! :-)

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