Frozen To The

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My core body temperature is registering 98.7 degrees but my inner spirit is experiencing borderline hypothermia. Frozen by fear? How is it that I feel so unsure of my next move? I have received so many wonderful responses after my guest appearance on The Big Web Show, episode #55. Your emails, tweets, comments, blog post, and phone calls mean so much to me. I could not have prepared myself for the incredible amount of resources and guidance shared over the last few days. I feel like Charlie, from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, anticipating a golden ticket behind each scrumptious chocolate bar.


Fear of success or failure?

I am feeling a bit exposed. What if I am not smart enough to master HTML, CSS and Javascript? What if I uncover I have zero visual design skills? What if I can’t handle the workload? What if my health won’t allow participating in a career? What if I fail? Success feels like the only option. I am nervous. I have quoted Tim Ferriss, 4- Hour Work Week, in the past, it’s about time for another quote!


“Fear comes in many forms, and we usually don’t call it by it’s four- letter name. Fear Itself is quite fear-inducing.”


Defining the fear

According to Tim, I should define my nightmares and absolute worst fears that could happen if I pursue what I am considering.

Worst things that could happen if I fail to achieve career success?

I will be financially dependent
I will not live up to my word
I will not be contributing

What will inaction cost me?

I will be financially dependent
I will not live up to my word
I will not be contributing


Confronting the fear

It’s clear that inaction and failure will bring the same results. This leaves me no choice but to face the fear head on. What happens if I face the fear and I succeed?

Best possible scenarios if I achieve career success:

Ability to be financial independent
I will have lived up to my word
I will be contributing
I can become a mentor


Final thoughts

Inaction is not an option. I realize I may not succeed, but the possibilities that arise from success are motivating. I refuse to sit back and continue to watch life pass me by. I have to find a way to organize my resources and get to work. Being frozen by fear is an obstacle that I will have to overcome. Success is unfolding as the only option, but I am thankful and blessed that a progressive, positive, option is still attainable.


Much love,



Could Your Intern Use An Intern?

I am convinced, there has to be a web design agency or company, that would desire having a non-paid web design intern assisting their paid intern. I have found very few online web design internships. The few online internships posted, I have contacted. I am asking the companies to consider using an intern to help their paid intern. As I learn to reinvent myself and attain new skills, I realize “virtual world” experience is going to be essential to my web design freelance success. So, I am simply asking agencies and companies, have you considered having an intern for your intern?

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Possible benefits of a virtual internship:

*Gain virtual office experience
*Gather a sense of how offices are collaborating online
*Understand what companies and agencies are looking for when they hire a freelance web designer
*Be exposed to industry standard best practices
*Learn to be part of an online team

I am hoping to be taken up on my offer. In the meantime I am going to continue to study web standards and enjoying learning HTML and CSS.

Much love,

Career Longevity and Job Markets In The Disability World

My vocational rehabilitation counselor impressed upon me the importance of career longevity. We tossed around career opportunities in medical transcription, medical billing, and web design. She was not necessarily interested in the particular career, rather the longevity of the career. The goal was to investigate and uncover both good and bad notables within the career field.

Here are some examples of careers explored:

Medical Transcription

1. Outsourcing
2. Doctors are using electronic medical records and dictation software is improving
3. The industry is competitive and saturated due to lack of continuous work.

My counselor had spoken to a minimum of 10 hospitals and was actively searching for work for other client’s. Based on information available we elected to eliminate medical transcription as a viable career option.

Photo Restoration (resorting old photographs)

*With this new found information in hand I was prepared to carry out my own analysis

1. “anything commodifiable can be outsourced”
2. Unable to find a presence of jobs on the internet
3. I reached out to individuals in the industry and the sentiment was that photo restoration work is not as available as it was 5-10 years ago.

I reached out to the photo restoration community and gathered valuable information.  A wonderful gentleman in the photo restoration industry, Eric Basir , was willing to answer my industry questions. He was kind enough to offer job industry advice and helped me with a photo restoration question. You may find this information helpful.

Watch live streaming video from photografix at

 Eric answers my questions at 37:25.


How to predict longevity and research the job market?:

Job Market Research:
* Research current job listings that interests you. It was suggested I write down all of the jobs I was interested in. I was to create two columns on a separate sheet of paper. One column should list jobs I can do now,and the other column, jobs I would like to do if training was available.

*After I highlighted my desired jobs, I moved onto career longevity.

Carrer Longevity:
* Research your desired industry. Inquire about required skills, education, salary, and benefits. Don’t be afraid to ask an employer in the industry if they are currently hiring and if they plan to hire in the future.

Final thoughts:

I will continue to explorer career paths. The opportunities have been bleak, however, I am relying on progressive technology and job culture offering more legitimate work from home opportunities.


Much love,

Beware of Work From Home Scams

As I delve into learning new skills, examining work from home career’s, I am disturbed. I can across a website called Rat Race Rebellion, founded by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren of Staffcentrix, LLC.  On the website they advertise a scam-o-meter. The current scam ratio is listed as 60:1. Sixty scams for every one legitimate job lead. It’s is a landmine out there. There has to be a better way!

Much love,


Know your personal strengths so your future career doesn’t suck!

I stumbled upon a YouTube video of entrepreneur Cory Miller- Finding Work That Doesn’t Suck.

I realize, being restricted to working from home limits choices, however, Cory’s thought process is still applicable. I should understand my strengths and tailor my skills to find a career that doesn’t suck. Cory suggested taking two skills test, strenghtsfinder and myers briggs. Here are my results:


Jung Career Indicator Results:( I understand it is similar to Myers & Brigs test)


slightly expressed extravert
slightly expressed sensing personality
distinctively expressed feeling personality
slightly expressed perceiving personality

-Acting and performance
-Dressmaking and design
-Public Relations Specialist
-Sales/Marketing Specialist
-Fitness & nutrition
-Early Childhood Education
-Fashion Merchandising


Strenghtsfinders Results:



Thoughts on results:

I have a tendency to focus on my weaknesses, it was nice to explore my strengths. I enjoying bringing warmth to those around me. I will share a good laugh and cry with you. I have been told, on more than one occasion, I am overly dramatic. Jobs where I have excelled involved building personal relationships. I have excessive amounts of ideas that flow thorough my brain. I love to be challenged and I welcome responsibility. I have no problems starting projects I believe in.


Now what?

With this new found information what work from home career path should I embark upon? I am going to have to really zero in and try to match these strengths with a future career. Much work lies ahead. So, when can I start?  Bring the heat because I can stand this hot kitchen!


Much love,


How Do I Pull Myself Up Without Bootstraps?

As previously mentioned I have sought help from vocational rehabilitation hoping to attain skills to get me back into the workforce.

“It takes money to make money,” and I am completely sold on the idea.  It has been a blessing working with health practitioners willing to place me on payment plans for medical services.  I have been blessed to have a frugal sister that has shown me how to dress on a dime.  I am blessed to have another sister that does my hair for free. I have been blessed to have a supportive fiance that takes me to my medical appointments. I have been blessed that my supportive family was willing to take me in so I could have a roof over my head.

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Despite my current blessings I am still unsure how to pull myself up without bootstraps? To learn a  new skill set often requires monetary funding. Vocational rehabilitation has afforded me the ability to take classes online in web design. However, there are additional books and software  outside of my classes that are essential to add to my web design kit . I hate to ask for handouts so I have been considering asking various companies to allow me to review their software and products in exchange for honest reviews. If you have any additional ideas please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.

Much Love,

I Feel Like My Priorities… All Mixed Up!

I have been reflecting upon my latest blog entry. I listed 10 limitations and found it interesting that I also listed 10 advantages. I was unwilling to have the disadvantages out-way my advantages.  I believe this is testament to my inner spirit. That inner spirit has been manifesting into willpower. I have this incredible drive to not allow this condition to rob me of the dreams I once dreamed.

Before the condition the top priority in my life was work. I spent countless hours working. I was young and energetic and I had a solid career. Everything else in my life such as health, family, friends,  and even myself became secondary. I was able to pour all of this innate drive into work. I was excelling and believed I was destined to have a successful career.




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So what happens when you are forced to create new priorities yet have the same ambitions? Since being stripped of my top priority, work, how do I learn to prioritize and focus my energies on the life areas I neglected? Maybe it’s time to place the “everything else” at the top of my agenda.

I admittedly believe that if I somehow get back into the workforce I am regaining what I once lost. However, I am failing to use this drive to focus on the things I never lost, my family and myself!

Vocational Rehabilitation or Bust

I strongly believe finding resources limited the number of dark days this condition presents. The HMO medical community and my employer had given up on me but I had sense enough not to give up on myself. I figured there had to be a way for me to actively participant in the workforce in some capacity. I have a capable mind and an unyielding spirit.  These qualities allowed me the ability to get out and explore my options. Maybe there was a person or organization that would be willing to give me some guidance? In comes Vocational Rehabilitation…

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