Creative Sunday

Theme: Inspire

Unsure why your work is nothing to be desired?

Motivational drought you want to be admired

You inspire to desire everything you never had

Hoping this lingering dream will be the launching pad

Working late into the night burning the midnight oil

Wound up so tight you need to be uncoiled

Instead of looking within you go with a different strategy

Tragedy? Your too wise to commit this type of fallacy

Step back from the moment and consider this position

You have everything you need to be a meticulous tactician

Armor on, ready to win this long fought battle

There is nothing in this life that you can’t handle!

Much love,

Creative Sunday

Snow Cone

Image by bunchofpants

Theme: Snow Cone

Crushed ice turned into SUMMER DELIGHT
Cold, sweet treat, savor it with little bites
Enough artificial flavoring to make you jitter
If you don’t get your share you’re sure to be bitter (babe’s line!)
Bahama mama, Cherry, and Guava
Don’t forget the tropical Pina Colada!
Shaved, Hawaiian, Snowball, are the labels
Carnival, ballpark, vending truck, sales
The industrial revolution birthed new ventures
None quite like this savory, sweet, quencher

Much love,


Creative Sunday

Theme: Father’s Day

You didn’t clam up knowing your first child would be a girl
You treated me as precious metal, your beautiful baby pearl
We were close. There were no secrets
Thrifty ice-cream got me to confess your birthday present trinkets (My mom was bummed that I told my dad what his birthday presents were before revealed. All it took was the bribe of an ice-cream cone!)
A man not afraid to work hard
You reminded me our ancestors fought long and hard
Reduced calls out of the hall forced you to reevaluate
You took a job in another state, making sure your family had food on their plate
I was too young to show my gratitude
That didn’t change your patient attitude
Calm and cool was always your approach
You never addressed me with harsh words of reproach
After babe, the second person to believe my symptoms were real
You accepted me for who I am, and I have never had to appeal
Remember when I was waking up in the house at 2pm depressed?
I would cry, telling you how I felt down and oppressed
You would talk me out of those moments of unrest
I am so proud of you that you have given your life to God
I know you will find internal peace when life pulls out the firing squad!
You are now a grandfather, and a new generation of kids adore you
I get to see you interact from a different point-of-view
Thank you for teaching me that each generations goal should be to improve
I believe that previous generations are looking down on you and approve!

*I love you dad! Sorry I can’t participate with you today. I am with you in spirit.

Much love,

Creative Sunday

Theme: Patience

A daily struggle messing with my emotional state

This condition takes a drain on my psychological state

I battle with the future, present, and past

Life turning into daytime drama, I must have been miscast

Forced to patiently await for a date that may never come

Grappling for some semblance of who I have become (Sara Gorman Shout-out) ;

Knowing that turbulent times and joy combine as one

Some call this a chronic condition,

I’m coming to accept this may be my life’s mission

Patience until the answer is revealed

Total acceptance may be accepting this mission is concealed

As I am forced to wait, I will tame the desire to debate

Continue to train like a hungry welterweight

Careful not to push beyond what my limits dictate


Much love,