April 12-12-12 Project: The Lesson

small plant coming out of the groundImage: Sujin Jetkasettakorn 


Can you image living with an undiagnosed condition for 24 years. Believing that you may be going mad and that the symptoms you have been carrying have been dismissed time and again. April’s 12-12-12 project member Rhiann Johns has been living that exact health story.

I was blessed to have an opportunity to interview Rhiann and her wonderful mother Hilary. Important lessons have been revealed along this interesting journey.

 Mother does know best. I suppose I picked out things early on, nagging at the back of my mind, when she was born. I should have listened more. As I said, mother does know best.

Trust in your instincts and our own bodies. I think we all know when there’s something going on with our bodies. Be more assertive with doctors. Push more for being referred to testing and for getting a diagnosis.

Thank you Rhiann and Hilary for opening up and giving us lessons that will plant seeds and help us all continue to grow.


Much love,

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