30 Things I Needed to Hear Before I Got Sick-Life lessons learned

Life lessons I have learned a little late. Please don’t make the same mistake!

What’s your typical weekday look like?

If you are LUCKY ENOUGH to have a job in this economy, your averaging about 7.5 hours a day at work according to the American Time Use Survey.

Some of you are clocking a commute of 100+ miles round trip daily.

So let’s break down a possible scenario:

You get up at around 6:00 AM and put some sorta breakfast together. I won’t forget to mention your much needed morning cup of coffee.

You realize it’s too late to workout, so you head for the shower. Too tired to lay your clothes out the night before, so your fumbling around looking for something presentable to piece together.

Your hair has taken a bit longer to style than usual, so you slack on your makeup routine.

You know you shouldn’t put on those new high heels, because you haven’t had time to break them in, but you ignore your moment of SANITY.

DANG! You forget to pack your lunch. Oh well, your used to scrambling, grabbing a quick bite to eat during your 45 minute lunch break.

Fumbling around looking for your keys, you catch a glimpse of your purse and realize it doesn’t match the outfit you pieced together at the last minute. You don’t have time to mess with it. Your out the door hoping you grabbed everything needed to get through ANOTHER DAY.

You start the car to find you have a quarter tank of gas left. You say to yourself…“Figures!  I can’t be late again. My boss is going to kill me. I can’t get fired.”

You see where this is heading. Since the minute, this poor gal woke up the cards were stacked against her. She failed to finish before given the chance to start.

I am comfortable saying this scenario rings true for a great majority of individuals.

EACH DAY runs into the next, and you realize you are just another HAMSTER ON THE WHEEL OF LIFE!

This was a typical day for me before I got sick.  I was getting trampled by life, and I never questioned slowing down and checking in with myself.

 SO, if I got a chance to go back in time and speak with healthy Marissa, THIS is what I would say to her…

(If you are healthy and feeling a bit out of control, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!)

  1.  Stop pulling out those credit cards like a switch blade. The last thing you want to do is be in debt to those credit card companies.
  2. Cancel that gym membership! You never use it. Go to bed an hour earlier so you can get up in the morning and go for a run. Buy yourself some resistance bands. They are inexpensive and will keep you fit and lean.
  3.  Save! It’s ok that you don’t have a healthy relationship with money, that’s why they have financial coaches and mentors. Surround yourself with individuals that can steer you in a direction toward achieving financial success.
  4. Take the words “I’ll try” out of your vocabulary. The word “try” is giving you wiggle room and permission to fail.
  5.  Hang out with people who make you better! Take the time to surround yourself and actually connect with genuine people. Are you sure everyone in your circle has your best interest at heart? Also, stop being so one sided. If you are blessed to be around goodhearted people, give them more of your time and attention. Build strong relationships that can weather any storm
  6. Be present. When someone is talking to you, listen! Spend more time listening to what others have to say. You are missing out on valuable life lessons.
  7. Check in with yourself. Are your happy, eating  healthy, in the best relationship for yourself? Are you being a true friend, girlfriend, sister, daughter, etc?  If you don’t stop and check in with yourself, you are going to continue living life on autopilot.
  8. Get a hobby. You don’t do anything entertaining or fun! Join a kickboxing class. Take salsa lessons. Suck it up and sky dive.
  9. Travel. Don’t be afraid to leave the country. There is a world outside of America! Explore it, Dora the explorer.
  10. Volunteer. Carve out time each month to give back.
  11. Learn, and put into practice… David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off, and learn how to manage your time, so you can take up a new hobby or volunteer.
  12.  Stop putting yourself down. You are pretty just the way you are. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you got!  Be kind to yourself. You treat people well, extend yourself the same grace.
  13.  Make healthy living a priority and manage your weight.  If you’re not nutritionally fed, how are you going to live the best version of yourself.
  14.  Pray.  Don’t only call on God when you need him. Talk to him.
  15.  Read More. Read like your life depended on it. Don’t stop striving for knowledge.
  16.  Show more affection. Express yourself. It’s ok to be affectionate. Affection does not equal weakness.
  17.  Take breaks. You deserve to take little breaks throughout the day. Taking a break does not equal laziness.
  18.  Designate a work cut off time. Laptop in bed at 11:00 PM? Really? Wind down. Let yourself recharge.
  19.  Lighten up.  You are getting way too serious! It’s ok to ease up on yourself sometimes.
  20.  Have goals. Have goals that you are actively pursuing daily. Don’t let your goals turn into wishes!
  21.  Trust yourself more. You have solid instincts.  Stop letting fear dictate your actions or cause inaction.
  22.  Start. Hesitation is your enemy. Go for it. You don’t do procrastination, you are proactive!
  23.  Laugh. Girl, you better laugh.  Laughter is your daily prescription.
  24.  Create your own thought process. Stop stealing other’s people ideas of what constitutes a happy life. You have a mind of your own, use it!
  25.  Learn to take a compliment. When someone gives you, a compliment, say thank you and soak it up! You are worthy of compliments.
  26.  Question your career path. If you have to spend 7.5 hours (more like 10 hours) at work, make sure your passionate about what you do.
  27.  Challenge yourself physically. Stop thinking about participating in the ironman, and start training for one! Start small and work your way up.
  28.  Overcome your fear of failure. Address, question, challenge, tackle, and master your fear. Own it!
  29.  Live with a sense of purpose. Walk with purpose. Talk with purpose. Carry yourself with purpose.
  30.  Appreciate every day. Gratitude journal. Pray. You are healthy and with a few adjustments you will be happy!

Much love,

 P.S. What would you tell your former healthy self? Or what should you be telling yourself? As Maya Angelou says… ” When you know better, do better!”





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