Ignore That Voice In Your Head and Put On Some Lipstick!

4 lipsticks laying on their side

“Lipstick” by Ohmega1982

Time travel with me…

When’s the last time you felt good about yourself?

You know that feeling when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and you say, “DAMN, I look good!”

What if I told you feeling good about yourself should be your NUMBER ONE priority.

When you get sick, or life throws you a curve ball, you spend days, months, years flailing around in a cesspool of dark and demeaning thoughts.

You refuse to engage in positive banter because you’re pissed.

“Life isn’t fair. Why me? Look at how happy they are.”

Are you justified? Yes.

Does your life suck? Probably.

I’m not a psychologist. I’m a gal living with chronic illness, navigating unchartered waters, SO take this advice for what it’s worth.

I know when I stumble upon JUST ONE positive distraction from my chronically- turbulent-vertigo- filled life, I feel if even for a split second, better about my overall situation. That manifests into believing today is worth living, which translates into a life worth living.

Walking around in sweatpants, hoodies, and house slippers wasn’t cutting it. I did that for a few years after I got sick. (Heck, you will still catch me rocking the freshman dorm college look once or twice a week.)

I looked homely and I felt like S%&)!

I still feel like S%&, but most days I pull it together.

Let’s get it straight. I’m not a designer chick with fancy clothes. My latest “designer” blouse came off the rack at JCPenny. But hey, that’s where I’m at. (Start with, where you are and what you have.) A pair of Levi’s and a nice fitting t-shirt equals “looking nice” in my opinion.

It was an AHA-Oprah-moment for me when I realized feeling good about myself meant spending less time with my internal Gargamel.

Here’s the plan I strive to follow…

* Take a shower

* Dry, comb, AND style my hair

* Put on some foundation, blush, and a lipstick (lip gloss most days).

* Put on ANYTHING other than a hoodie and sweat pants.

* Stand and look at myself in a full length mirror. (See the transformation, be the transformation.)

Here’s the deal… 3 people see me on a daily basis, so what’s the point?

THE POINT IS… DO WHATEVER it takes to feel better about yourself no matter who or how many people are looking. It’s about YOU. No one can affirm your self-worth… that comes from YOU!

My plan isn’t earth shattering or book worthy. It’s a daily routine “healthy” folks take for granted. I constantly strive to follow this plan because I believe feeling good about myself is important. I have bought into the idea that regardless of how crappy I feel on a daily basis I still deserve to take pride in and feel good about myself on some level.

The victory is yours! Positive distractions are around every corner. For me, it’s pulling myself together. What will it be for you?

Kick that Gargamel in the A$% and rock (wear) a nice shade of lipstick! (Or whatever floats your boat!)

Much love,