Positive Messages: What Are You Projecting Out Into The World!

Note attached to Gram's refrigerator.

I am blessed to have an outstanding Gram(Grandmother)!

My parents worked long and hard hours, which meant I would spend a considerable amount of time with my Gram.

A few weeks ago, I was alone in her house awaiting her return from a doctors appointment. I found myself wandering the house, in awe of all the positive messages that have been staring back at me since I was a kid.

Every uplifting and encouraging message I have received from Gram is not because she reads out loud inspirational scripture, and shares enormous loads of wisdom.

It’s much deeper than that!

I realize what makes a person a positive influence is not the positive messages they pin up for all to see, or the positive sayings that roll off their tongue. It’s how they internalize those lessons, sayings, and messages. Gram lives and acts in accordance to what she believes AND THAT makes her the most positive influence in my life!


 Are we living a life in accordance to what we are projecting to the world?

Much love,

PS: Thanks Gram for living your truth so I can be inspired to find and live mine!

Sick And Tired Of Consuming Your Way Through Life? I Understand

Take Action Switch

By: Stuart Miles

Received an email that got me thinking!

The people that are successful in any aspect of their life (financially secure, weight loss, gaining new skills, breaking addictions, etc.) … DO.

The people that dream of being successful …CONSUME.

I have been consuming for years!

* Let me read ONE MORE self-help book.

* If I follow THIS PARTICULAR BLOG, I’m sure to uncover the secret of success.

* She’s healthy, I’m not, SO I can’t learn a new skill.

* I wasn’t in those fancy AP classes in high school, SO I’m not smart.

* I wasn’t born with “talent”, SO that’s not possible.

* I’ve made mistakes in my past, SO I’m being punished with poor health.

The list goes on and on! Why put this out there? Because, I believe in accountability.

Throughout the years, successful individuals have waltzed in and out of my life. Success I don’t define as solely materialistic. Individuals completing marathons, running a successful business, finding a soul mate, losing 20 lbs.

Enter, Vanna.

(Awesome name change to protect her identity!)

I remember this gal playing 1/2 No Limit Holdem. She was good but wasn’t Jennifer Harman. She believed she could be a successful poker player. The belief wouldn’t have been enough. She worked daily to achieve that goal. Myself on the other had, could have been good, maybe great, but I had to read one more poker blog, one more book. I didn’t take action. I didn’t apply! I second guessed myself. I compared myself to others.

On the other hand….

VANNA may have had doubt, BUT that didn’t keep her from putting in daily work. Vanna consumed poker content, but she didn’t let that consumption of content keep her from application. She worked at it, and I NEVER want to play a hand of poker with that gal! She is now a professional poker player.

SO! I publicly state that mediocrity is a choice.

Living with a chronic illness I have EVERY RIGHT to continue to consume my way through life. I don’t have to take drastic and life changing action. Some of my doctors support mediocre and small actions. (“If you build up enough stamina you could work at a bookstore two hours a day.”) I can be praised for getting up daily and pressing on because that is the acceptable expectation based on my health circumstance.

Guess what?

That sucks! To be in the same place expecting different results in 30 days is ludicrous! I would be delusional if I didn’t believe life changing action would be difficult because of my medical situation. However, it’s not impossible to set and achieve meaningful goals while having limitations.

SUCK IT UP Marissa!

*It’s time to TAKE DAILY STEPS maintaining motivation so in 30, 60, 90 days dream’s, become effective goals!

PS: Accountability is essential to making lasting change so I will keep you posted!