I STILL Got IT! On My Walk Today I Was Actually Hit On

Let me break down the scenario:

I was about 1/2 way through my walk…

I smiled and waved at a gentleman that is part of my walking path landscape. He yelled for me to come over. I happily walked across the street.

He greeted me with a smile..”You want to stop for a beer, soda or maybe a water?”

I started beaming. I responded graciously with… “Oh no thank you, I gotta get this walk in.”

He says… “What’s your name?” I proudly respond, “Marissa”.

He leans in…”What was that?”  He is now holding my hand tightly!

“MARISSA” I respond with conviction.

He loudly proclaims…”You are welcome to come over ANYTIME! Drop on by and we will share a beer or soda.”

My response was giddy…”Thank you so much for the offer. I will be sure to bring my fiance on by. You will really love him!”


“No… I don’t want to meet him, I just want to see you again.” I smiled and said… “I better be on my way.”  (He is still holding my hand at this point)

He leans in closer.. “Tell me your name one more time?” … I slightly chuckle and say…

“Marissa”. He smiles and let’s my hand go. “Ok Marissa, see you around! The invitation is ALWAYS open!”

I admit I walked away with a little pep in my step!

I am PUMPED. I still GOT IT regardless of my walking stick and taped up glasses! WHOOP WHOOP.

Much love,

P.S. (SHHHHhhhhhhhhhh… don’t tell anyone that he was about 85 years young! )

Creative Sunday

Theme: Inspire

Unsure why your work is nothing to be desired?

Motivational drought you want to be admired

You inspire to desire everything you never had

Hoping this lingering dream will be the launching pad

Working late into the night burning the midnight oil

Wound up so tight you need to be uncoiled

Instead of looking within you go with a different strategy

Tragedy? Your too wise to commit this type of fallacy

Step back from the moment and consider this position

You have everything you need to be a meticulous tactician

Armor on, ready to win this long fought battle

There is nothing in this life that you can’t handle!

Much love,

12-12-12 The Lesson: Major Life Lesson Only 4 Words Long?

Let’s be HONEST with each other…LIFE chronic illness CAN and WILL put you in some sticky situations physically and mentally. How many times have you felt trapped by your situation? Once.. twice… more times than you CAN COUNT!

12-12-12 project member Dale shares a lesson that may be mighty familiar to you (Thank you Gram) YET…this time it felt wonderfully different. If you have not checked out the podcast it’s well worth the listen.

4 simple, yet POWERFUL words… THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

 It’s a lesson that I’ve learned a long time ago, and it’s something that’s key for me in how I am both with my pain and my condition of being paralyzed. When I get into a difficult moment, just knowing that this too shall pass. So many of us concentrate on those difficult moments and we obsess on them and they become overbearing to our ability to move forward. They slow us down or hinder us from whatever is happening around us. Just whenever you get hit with a difficult situation, just realize this too shall pass. It’s only a momentary thing. Our life is a journey, it’s a moment-by-moment journey. Live in the moment, and understand that the next moment will be different.

Much love,