Podcast: April 12-12-12 Project Member Rhiann Johns


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Written Transcript 

April’s podcast is ready! Very proud and honored that Rhiann and her mother Hilary were willing to open up and share their personal health journey.

*My apologizes in advance for audio glitches. I just could not pass on an opportunity to share this important story. The writtten transcript should clear things up!

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5 Facts About The Brain That Fascinate

The complexities of the brain are breathtaking. This month’s 12-12-12 focus on brain stem lesion has allowed me to explore and appreciate the fascinating mysteries of the brain. Listed below are facts I came across that blew me away:

illustration of the brain

Image: dream designs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1.“Consistency [of the brain is] somewhere between jelly and cold butter.”

2. “If you sliced off the top of someone’s head and peered inside, you wouldn’t see much happening at all.”

3.“In the ninetieth century, much was learned about the structure of the brain by removing it from the body after death.”

4. “Brain anatomy is hidden, secret, and more complex than any other part of the body.”

5. “The visual areas of the brain are at the back of the brain; therefore, information from the eyes has to travel the full depth of the skull before it begins to be processed into sight. “


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Recording My Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Journey May Have Come To An End

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop? What happens when you are willing to share your journey, but others are reluctant? I got this crazy idea in my head ; I was going to record my vestibular rehabilitation journey, in hopes we may all learn from the experience. What I failed to realize before I promised to deliver:

1. I need to ask permission
2. I have no idea how to edit video
3. I can’t be in complete control of the video recording, because I am in therapy.

I often lead with ideas first, application second. I may need to rethink the way I approach project ideas.

I can overcome obstacles 2 and 3, however, convincing the physical therapy center to allow me to record this journey may become an obstruction of my goal.

I believe this PT center is the best at what they do. My PT therapist has won me over. She is all business, and together we will kick butt and take names.

If you believe capturing my vestibular rehabilitation journey, for the next three months, would be beneficial, please comment below. I will direct the owner of the PT center to your comments.


See brief video recap of VRT day 2, plus supplemental video

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12-12-12 Project: April- Brain Stem Lesion

April 12-12-12 project focus is on a condition known as Brain Stem Lesion.

“Each area of the brain has a responsibility for brain function.”

This month we will talk to project member Rhiann Johns living with a brain lesion located in her brain stem. Rhiann was diagnosed two years ago with the condition and surprisingly enough has been told she has been living with the condition since birth. Doctors are unsure of the cause.

I will cherish the time I get to spend with Rhiann as I educate myself on the condition. Exciting getting the awareness bracelet and t-shirt in the mail today. Go Team Rhiann!

Awareness t-shirt and bracelet for April 12-12-12 project

Much love,

Video Blog: Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy Day 1 and beyond

ATTENTION: If you suffer from a vestibular disorder or are sensitive to motion and movement, please note that this video is at times shaky. ( I am working on a solution)

I will be documenting my journey through Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This video details day one. I end up running into the insurance machine but this time I prevail.

The focus of this visit was initial evaluation. The purpose of the visit was to provide history and set realistic expectations.

The goggles are part of the device called Videonystagmoscopy

“Videonystagmoscopy has been used to subjectively observe the responses of the vestibular system in a population of patients with vestibular deficits. The videonystagmoscopy device is made of one or two CCD cameras mounted on lightproof goggles, allowing a subjective observation of ocular movements on a video monitor. The eye movements, as well as the position of the head in space, can be recorded on videotape.”

As we reveal my defects we will gather a realistic expectation of what can be achieved through vestibular rehabilitation.

Much love,