We Fight

We fight to be cared for.
We fight for independence.
We fight for grades.
We fight for love.
We fight ourselves.
We fight each other.
We fight to be understood.
We fight for acceptance.
We fight for what’s right.
We fight to fight.
We fight for employment.
We fight when we’re unemployed.
We fight to keep our homes.
We fight to save our marriages.
We fight to save our relationships.
We fight for quality of life.
We fight systems.
We fight for equality.
We fight to be heard.
We fight for respect.

We are good at the fight, but when do we learn to surrender?

Vestibular Perspective On Websites

As you may know I have suffered from a vestibular disorder  (chronic imbalance/vertigo) for 6 years. I am noticing websites are becoming more animated and motion and movement are becoming dominant. I struggle viewing certain websites that are filled with motion/movement because of my vestibular condition.

Derek Featherstone, accessibility expert, is kind enough to look into a  possible solution. I have tried to disable JavaScript and disable images but neither option worked. Most websites became unusable. Derek asked me to provide 10 websites that give me trouble. I wanted to give the vestibular community an opportunity to express what websites are bothersome to them when viewing the web.  However, I started to think there are conditions outside vestibular disorders where movement and motion on a website could be bothersome.  Would motion and movement on websites be an issue for the Dystonia community, Ataxia community, etc? My friend AKA my brother Blake Watson doctored up the code on a beautiful Automattic theme so we could have the following site.

I would hate to see the web continue to move forward and we get to a place where viewing websites is unbearable for a group of users. I am hoping this site will give a voice to the vestibular community and other disorders that deal with issues of movement/motion when using the web. I also hope it will give designers and developers a little insight into how certain communities are experiencing the websites they create.

Much love,

My Boy Blake

Hey guys. I would like to pay it forward!  In yesterday’s Pay It Forward Blog Post,  I mentioned my friend Blake Watson. I need a little help from you guys. If you guys could please vote for my friend Blake. I want him to win the Kindle with Sitepont ( tech books). He has spinal muscular atrophy and he can’t physically hold a book to well. He was sweet to mail me all of his web design books he cant use. We are hoping that a Kindle will allow him flexibility to access eBooks, which he prefers.  I really want to win this for him! You can vote by clicking the like button below the title “My Boy Blake…” Votes are counted by likes under the photo image.
Photo contest entry image showing how to vote
When you click the like button under the image you are prompted to allow the Fanzila app permission to access your account. After you allow permission you have to go back and hit the like button again. Please go back and make sure your vote was counted!:)

*Note from PHP Masters “There are some awesome entries coming in for our photo competition. Love it!! A couple of people have mentioned having trouble voting. Make sure you allow the Fanzila app permission to access your account and you’ll have no problems. Good luck to all! ^hawk ”

Thank you for your support!

Much love,

Pay It Forward

The past two weeks I have been showered with kindness. I have received two packages in the mail.

Contents of package #1
From: Blake Watson
Inside package: Several web design books.
Info: Blake has a condition known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy and he has found that physically holding books has become a struggle. Blake prefers e-books. Blake is supportive of me learning web design and sending his web design books is a lovely gesture.

Collection of web design books blake sent me

Contents of package #2
From: Andy Clarke
Inside Package: New Riders and Lynda.com DVD’s.
Info: After hearing The Big Web Show Podcast, Andy contacted Jeffrey Zeldman asking for my contact info. Andy contacted me and asked for my mailing address. He was kind enough to send me some of his New Riders and Lynda.com DVD titles.

Andy Clarke DVD's he sent

Lesson Learned:
These kind men have offered me gifts of knowledge asking for nothing in return. They exemplify the term “Pay It Forward.” I felt it was important to share this story. Are there  gestures that you can pay it forward to members of your community? These men have taught me a powerful lesson. They didn’t ask if I needed help. I was provided a vehicle, so I can help myself. I can’t wait to pay it forward!

Much love,