Perception vs Reality (Audio)


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Update: It’s important to live your truth. Members of my family are seeing the joy I am experiencing attempting the vegan lifestyle. They have been willing to try the food and are starting to become open to the idea. Cheers to moving forward and living your truth!

“Transition is the process of letting go of the way things used to be and then taking hold of the way they subsequently become.” ~ William Bridges

* Thank you Marilyn for exposing me to this quote!

Much love,

PETA’s 2011 Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 Contest. My vote goes to

My Vote for PETA’s  2011 Sexiest Vegetarian over 50 Contest, goes to Marilyn Peterson. Marilyn is the author of the highly reviewed book Vegan Bite By Bite.

The cover of the book Vegan Bite by Bite

I will be using Marilyn’s book as I transition to a healthy plant-based diet. My vote goes to Marilyn because she is not only a beautiful person on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside. Marilyn has sent me words of encouragement and is guiding me toward a healthy lifestyle. She has devoted her life to making sure there is an accessible blueprint on how to transition to a plant-based diet. That makes Marilyn the sexiest person I know over 50!

*You can learn more about Marilyn by checking out her website:  Veganbitebybite
*You can also purchase Marilyn’s book:
*Please join me in voting Marilyn Peterson PETA’s Prime’s 2011 sexiest vegetarian over 50: PETA website

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In Need Of A Good Habit, Or Two! (Update)

Man with hand on head standing at a sign with three arrows points 3 different directionsImage: David Castillo Dominici /


30 days ago I set out to add three achievable healthy habits into my life. My 30 days are up and I have learned a great deal about myself.


Health Habit #1: Drink nothing but water for 30’s days.

Goal achieved: Yes

Challenges:  First few days I was in panic mode. It became clear that I was consuming very little water in my diet. I soon became parched. I wasn’t consciously transitioning to drinking water only. If I couldn’t drink soda, ice tea, or juice, I didn’t feel like drinking at all.  After the first week I began to feel really dehydrated and my quench for water kicked in. After the transition I became addicted to water.


Health Habit #2: No pastries, candies and ice cream for the next 30 days.

Goal achieved: Yes

Challenges: This was a much harder challenge then I had anticipated. Pre-challenge, I consumed a sweet daily. The first week I found  a lack of  sweets causing irritability.  I was not pressured by outside factors when it came to drinking water only. Yet, often bombarded by pressure to consume sweets, I almost caved in. The temptation throughout has been shocking. However, I feel this last week, the temptation has tapered off. People are expecting me to say no, therefore they are no longer suggesting.


Healthy Habit #3: Spend 20 minutes each day, for the next 30 days, sketching

Goal achieved: No

Challenges:  I have failed this healthy habit miserably.  With my condition this is not an area that I have much control over. There are days where the imbalance and dizziness is so strong and I can’t imagine staying still and sketching.


What I learned:

There are still aspects of my life that I can control. What I put into my body ultimately is my choice. This has been a true revelation for me. It has inspired a new passion within me to take on a healthier life style. I may not have the same control over my life as I did pre-disability, however,  I will work to make sure to appreciate and foster the aspects of my life I still have control over!

Much love,


Helping A Dizziness Blues Community Member Through A Tragic Time… ( update)


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Update: I want to thank everyone who supported Shirley and her family. Shirley and family have found a new home and are getting back on their feet.  We appreciate you!

Large tree uprroted and fallen on shirley's home

Shirley was recently diagnosed with a life altering vestibular disorder. On top of all this, her home was hit by a tornado.

“Yesterday my house was hit by a tornado. (we are fine but the house is gone)!”

Let’s lift Shirley up during this terrible time for her and her family. Every bit helps.  Living with a vestibular condition is life altering, but to lose your home as well is devastating.

Ways to donate:

Campaign closed. Thank you SO MUCH! 

Much love,

p.s. Please don’t hesitate to send words of encouragement to Shirley via the comments below!

Frozen To The

Heart carved out of snowImage: Tina Phillips /


My core body temperature is registering 98.7 degrees but my inner spirit is experiencing borderline hypothermia. Frozen by fear? How is it that I feel so unsure of my next move? I have received so many wonderful responses after my guest appearance on The Big Web Show, episode #55. Your emails, tweets, comments, blog post, and phone calls mean so much to me. I could not have prepared myself for the incredible amount of resources and guidance shared over the last few days. I feel like Charlie, from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, anticipating a golden ticket behind each scrumptious chocolate bar.


Fear of success or failure?

I am feeling a bit exposed. What if I am not smart enough to master HTML, CSS and Javascript? What if I uncover I have zero visual design skills? What if I can’t handle the workload? What if my health won’t allow participating in a career? What if I fail? Success feels like the only option. I am nervous. I have quoted Tim Ferriss, 4- Hour Work Week, in the past, it’s about time for another quote!


“Fear comes in many forms, and we usually don’t call it by it’s four- letter name. Fear Itself is quite fear-inducing.”


Defining the fear

According to Tim, I should define my nightmares and absolute worst fears that could happen if I pursue what I am considering.

Worst things that could happen if I fail to achieve career success?

I will be financially dependent
I will not live up to my word
I will not be contributing

What will inaction cost me?

I will be financially dependent
I will not live up to my word
I will not be contributing


Confronting the fear

It’s clear that inaction and failure will bring the same results. This leaves me no choice but to face the fear head on. What happens if I face the fear and I succeed?

Best possible scenarios if I achieve career success:

Ability to be financial independent
I will have lived up to my word
I will be contributing
I can become a mentor


Final thoughts

Inaction is not an option. I realize I may not succeed, but the possibilities that arise from success are motivating. I refuse to sit back and continue to watch life pass me by. I have to find a way to organize my resources and get to work. Being frozen by fear is an obstacle that I will have to overcome. Success is unfolding as the only option, but I am thankful and blessed that a progressive, positive, option is still attainable.


Much love,



Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin allowing me to contribute on The Big Web Show

The big web show logo and introduction text

September 1, 2011, is a day I will not forget. It’s the day I realized that despite limitations, I can still contribute. I may have a different message today then I did pre-disability, nonetheless, I still have a voice. Thank you to Jeffrey for reading my email and asking me on the show. Thank you to Dan for being so welcoming and engaging. Thank you Faith and Candi for booking and answering my questions.

Highlights from the show:

* I was able to contribute once again
* I shed light on living with a vestibular disorder
* I managed to talk faster than Gary Vaynerchuk
* I believe I gave more shout-outs than any other guest on the show, combined

The hidden lesson:

Never short change yourself. Despite your limitations and insecurities, you can still be an active participant. Creating alternative ways to contribute will be the challenge. The journey is not as meaningful without those challenges.

Personal thought:

A few years ago I questioned taking my life. I believed living with this condition was not an option. Despite how difficult this journey has been, I have learned beautiful life lessons. I am grateful I stuck around for what is turning out to be the most important moments in my life. To God, blessings. To my fiance, I am in love with you. To my family, I will fly once again. To my vestibular family, I have the utmost respect for each of you. To my internet family, I appreciate you!

Much love,